Game of thrones Season 6 seems to be on a resurrection spree!

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In the highly popular drama series Game of thrones featured on HBO, Valar Morghulis seems to hold no meaning as reports have already confirmed the return of the dead Jon Snow, and now Tyrion’s lover Shae who was also dead has been spotted on the production sets of Season 6

It is unclear as to how the resurrection would be affected, however Sibel Kekilli was seen in Peniscola, Spain, where the major filming is now underway. She was not just seen on the fringes, but was indulged in a thorough discussion with Conleth Hill (Varys) and the show creator David Benioff.
Game Of Thrones season 6 news Shae

It seems but obvious that Sibel will be making a comeback in Season 6, which may be as a part of a flashback or some kind of a dream sequence. Game of thrones is not known for filming such sequences, but the writers have probably decided to try their hand at something new.
The agile actress has her own fan following and they will obviously be delighted to see her back in the much awaited Season 6 of the powerful show- Game of thrones.
All said and done Season 6 promises a lot of surprises down the line and the audience are sure to have a great treat, all they have to do is wait for the show to be on air.

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