Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere on April 24th

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Source: TCA

Its time to Mark the Date on Your New Year Calendar Yes, We are not Joking the Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Date has been Official Announced. The Date was Official Aoounced on Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour Today. The Season will Release after the new Show Vinyl Ends which will make Game of Thrones Realease 2 Weeks Later than the Usual Release.

May Be the Release date is kept late so, that George Martin Could Compelete his work in the deadline for completing The Winds of Winter Afterall the Deadline was of 31st March. Onthe Otherhand We can’t be sure about the release of the Novel as according to Official announced the book will release after the Season Six Starts or May be there can be several other reasons Pinged to the Show Late release.The Emmy Awards will begin From 24th June so, late release could help the show to get Variety of awards due to high number of votes too. Now the Wait for Trailer is to be Done by Fans. Well we can Expect the Release of Some more Posters, Images like the Bran Stark Which well help us to clue out more about the show.




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