Game Of Thrones Season 6 Character Who can Die

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If You are a die Heart Fan of Games of Thrones Then You Should Seriously Pay attention and go Through our list of people whose chances to either be killed or to die are more in the next and upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6. Though with a concious of how that would take place, has got to many different theories and infact at the end they all are the theories and would get the clear picture of them only after the season 6 would premier in the month of April. but still from their earlier story line we could atleast think of who could be the targeted once, who might just fall into the trap of their fate and what lies in their destiny, so without waisting any more time here are those few death that might just take place.

1. Ramsey Bolton

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

According to the Souces of Winter is Coming we get to note that in the Next Season of Game of Thrones 6. Stark’s Husband Ramsey Bolton can be killed by Jon in the War or may be Bolton Would win the War and Get Justice. This All can be Predicted through Set Situations where Northern Lords and Sansa Stark’s can lead Army against Bolton Usurpers.


2. Ser Jorah Mormont

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

According to the Souce of Entertainment Weekly we get to Know that in the Next Season Ser Jorah Mormont that Jorah can die due to the clause of season 5 Disease the slow poision from which Ser Jorah Mormont is affected which could kill him in the next Season or may be his journey will still continue for Finding out Daenerys Targaryen.

3. Cersei Lannister

Source : HBO

According to the Souces of Fashionn style we got to know that Cersei Lannister could flew away in Season 6. As in Season 5 due to Adultery and her Husband was also killed by King Robert. She could be Killed by the High Sparrow which the Order of Ser Gregor so, that he could be a champion.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 will be Telecasted in Moth of April 2016 only on HBO.Share Your Views to Who Can Die? and with a vaild Reason.

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