Game of Thrones Season 6 – Behind the scenes

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Just some days before a teaser of Game of Thrones has released in which hall of faces is shown with the faces of the most important characters of Game of Thrones like Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark, etc. Hall of Faces is the hall where faces of the dead are kept but in the teaser, the faces shown are of the characters which were alive in the last season. Due to this fans started getting excited as what is going to happen in the upcoming season. For that matter you all have to wait till the 24th April.

Recently a video has been released which shows behind the scene footage of season 6. It is basically a video that profiles the camera personnel’s who work on the show. It’s neither a trailer nor a teaser but we can still catch quite a few glance of what will be going to happen in Season 6. Let’s check out the video.

Now talking about the video, in a scene House of Black and White is shown which means in the middle of the season fans will get to see some action in the House. Dothraki is seen gazing at something. So it might happen that they are looking at Drogon who lights up the night. The ones who have seen the earlier seasons know very well that Daenerys was once travelling with the Dothraki. In this video she is seen travelling with them again in tattered clothes and crimped hairs. Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis are also seen stalking something through an alleyway. May be they are trying to find Daenerys as they started searching for her in the last season. Another shots show a village, where it might happen that Jorah and Daario is trying to find Daenerys and the same location is seen blazed after sometime, which might be lighted by Drogon. Sons of Harpy are also shown fighting and killing people. Tyrion Lannister is also seen in the video. Meera Reed could also be witnessed in the Westeros. Melisandre and Davos Seaworth are also seen confabulating with each other. Many horses are shown which means a big battle is surely on the cards. A shot of Winterfell courtyard is also there where two children is playing with swords. And finally Jaime Lannister is seen standing on a ship.

So this is all we can easily understand from the latest video. It does not gives you much details but still it reveals many things. It is said that Season 6 will be more brutal and it’s going to be much more interesting than the earlier ones. Even you will be excited to see the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 6 which will premiere on April 24, at 9pm only on HBO.

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