Game Of Thrones Season 6 Behind The Scene Filming of Many Location In Spain

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The season 6 of Game of Thrones in its all uniqueness has gone all the way to some exciting place to shoot the upcoming season and to make it the best show every in the whole of series the showrunner really have pulled thing off to get the best and authentic element possible from tip to toe to bring the show to life. From all those locations where the show has been shot a major part of the show has covered in Spain and to give you people an experience on to how it was done, the makers are now out with another behind the scene video called as “Journey To Spain”.

The video also gives you glimpses of the lead actors and the production team talking about the process of having shot the film in such location, necessity and how the authenticity that helps build the backdrop and the setting more strong for the story have an appeal of realism and charisma of its world. So well without taking much of your time here it is the Game Of Thrones 6 Behind the Scene of Journey to Spain:

We hope who all might have got the vast terrain, landscape and the enigma of the location showed in the video and are sure that you all will be excited to see how the makers present them in the show that premieres its episode 1 The Red Woman on April 24th on HBO.

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