Game Of Thrones “Red Priestess” Melisandre- Carice Van Houten is expecting a Baby with Actor Guy Pearce

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Game Of Thrones fame actress “Carice Van Houten” who is popular for playing a manipulative and empowering dark priestess “Melisandre” has been around quite a while until Stannis was alive and her part in his life became reason for a lot of serious events that took place in the series, specially the death and defeat of Stannis Baratheon the king. As for time being the last we saw here in the finale episode is when she has been around Jon Snow’s territory and his death takes place. Later as the show came to end the only thing most of the followers and fan theorize that, Melisandre is the only one would could get Jon Snow back and thus for the last whole year of 2015 alongside Jon Snow, the part of discussion on the social media also included the part of Van Houten’s character Melisandre in the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6. Though we are not certain about how is that going to take place as the latest Game Of Thrones 6 Official Trailer keeps on pointing out that “Jon Is Gone”.

Game Of Thrones 6 Carice Van Houten

But the news which has conformed now by the People Magazine that, our very own Melisandre actress, Carice Van Houten is expecting a baby with his present man, the Australian actor Guy Pearce. The reason often people reading to something like this act kind a weirdly and bring the actual situation of these actor with funny responses on social media, she already prepared herself and twitted saying:

We personally are quite happy listening to this news but that certainly bring us to a thought about how her involvement with the show after this would carry out. Because now the season 6 is ready to go on air on April 24th, 2016 but what if she survives the season and has something to do in the later season 7. How would that take place during the shoot, as she is one of those characters that is often seen taking her robe off and be completely naked. For that we think the production would come up with something intelligent, as they could use a body double, exactly like a situation where in shooting Lena Headey’s walk of shame in King’s Landing they used a body double to avoid her pregnancy sigh.

Well of this only time would tell as yet the upcoming Game Of Thrones 6 is yet to begin and thereby it would tell us how long this Red Priestess would survive in the show where nobody’s fate is clear and their death just can’t be predicted.

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