Game Of Thrones Ranked 1st in Terms of Most Pirated TV Show 2015

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The one of the Most Popular Tv Show “The Game Of Thrones”  which is being telecated Officially on HBO has been Award with the most Pirated show of the Year 2015. We would like to tell you that from the past 4 Years the show had been contionusly on the top of this list as piration on TV Shows is increasing Day by Day on the internet. The Walking Dead has Taken the Second postion and the Big Bang Theroy is o the Third place of this list. The are Many negative and postive points of pirated Download in respect of the Viewers and telecasters.

As Game of Thrones had be awarded for being First and the most downloaded Tv Show from the last 4 Years. The Approx Downloads Made were About 14.4 Million  from the most popular downloader Bit Torrent in the year 2015 which had left Landslide back.

According to the reports More than 1/2 of the Downloads were made in the 1st Week of the Season telecasted and the most of the downloads were from United States. The Walking dead make the Download sum up to 6.9 Millions whereares 4.4 Millions were made by Big Bang Theory. The Reasons of Such no. Of downloads reflects that how popular these shows are but all such downloads inccured a great loss for the Teecasting Agency and the Show too but these telecast make Viewers a comfortable home sitting service.

Piration had a great increase due to more mobile usage and awarness of the Word INTERNET aroundthe world which made these No. of downloads take place the most downloads are made in low Quality as the file size remain low and downloading become easy & fast too. However The Download of High Quality videos like 720 P & 1080 P are low in Downloading terms as well as streaming Terms too.

There is no Suprise that these shows are downloaded so much if we look at earlier records to then also there was 258,131 Shares on the Torrent the graph is still increasing and will always result in increase only.Overall we can only say that there can be on declining but they somehow incrase the popularity of the shows too.

We have list of the Most Downloaded shows according to Bit Torrent for the year 2015.

List of Bid – Torrent Downloads 2015

Rank Show Est. Downloads  Est. US TV Viewers
1 Game of Thrones 14,400,000 8,110,000
2 The Walking Dead 6,900,000 15,780,000
3 The Big Bang Theory 4,400,000 18,300,000
4 Arrow 3,900,000 3,920,000
5 The Flash 3,600,000 4,010,000
6 Mr. Robot 3,500,000 1,750,000
7 Vikings 3,300,000 5,010,000
8 Supergirl 3,000,000 12,960,000
9 The Blacklist 2,900,000 10,110,000
10 Suits 2,600,000 2,380,000

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