Game Of Thrones Now Holds a Position In The Book of Guinness World Record 2016

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The year 2015 is surely a surprising and big deal year for all the cast, crew, the makers, writers and producer and the HBO Network off course firstly for a great and the most dramatic season in all five years of its run period and the best season so far from the whole series, the year started off with Season 5’s first four episodes being leaked online but this leaking of episode before they actually get broadcast showed how popular the show is as the later few hours saw illegal downloading of these episodes all across the world, but the actual figure was that more than 7 million people downloaded the show illegally making Game Of Thrones The Most Pirated Television Show on Face of Earth.

Game Of Thrones In Guinness Book Of World Record

That was not all the show had lots many other such records like Game Of Thrones Season 5 was viewed by the largest number of live audience on HBO Channel with the figure of more than 8 Million people watching the premiering episode one Live on television. So all of this was during the period when the show was running or was about to get started but after the show came to an end of its season 5, the viewers and fans took down the whole social media, with comments, mourning over the loss of one of series favorite most character, Jon Snow but the real good news came up for the show was when the Primetime Emmy Nominations came in and Game Of Thrones lead on to number one position with the highest 24 Nomination slots and HBO Networks having a collective record breaking number of 126 Nomination.

Game Of Thrones In Guinness World Record 2016 Edition

Now comes another such proud moment, not just to the show Game Of Thrones but also to the HBO Networks as it runs the show and is so very popular that from now on it carries the title of Guinness World Records  for Largest TV Drama Simulcast, so basically as the show has been carrying this title of being the most pirated show since 2012, the makers and the Network this time took this decisions to broadcast the show and reach out to almost 173 countries and thus concluded the broadcasting of Season 5’s second episode simultaneously in every region of these 173 country which in itself is an record and so the 2016 edition of Guinness World Record have got a place of its own and Maisie Williams who is part of the ensemble cast of the show and plays Arya Stark, received official certificate on behalf of the show and was so overjoyed that she came up with these exciting words, “I’m so pleased for Game of Thrones to be a part of Guinness World Records, I’m going to tell my step brother as he gets the book every year for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the look on his face!”

Maisie Williams, Game Of Thrones Season 5 Guinness World Record, Game Of Thrones Season 5

this is not it yet a lot more is still there in store for this exciting epic drama series Game Of Thrones, soon to appear on HBO with its next season 6 in 2016.

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