Game of Thrones Nominated for Cluster of Visual Effects Society Awards

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Source: Winteriscoming

Game of Thrones the one of the most Favourite TV Show Across the Globe didn’t went well in terms of getting Awards. If we look back in Emmy, Gloden or another Award show but this dosen’t means that the show is weak or had any issue its all about differnt rating and things going in Current topic. The Season 5 didn’t go much from others but the Visual Effects Society Awards (VES Awards) marked Game of Thrones in many Categories than any show or Film.

Visual Effects voters consists of those who had knownledge about Sounds, Effects. The Game of Thrones got Nominated for 9 different categories or twice in same category.

  • Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode
    “Childhood’s End” — “Night Three”
    “Game of Thrones” — “The Dance of Dragons”
    “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” — “Arabella”
    “Nezlamna” — “Sea Dogfight”
    “The Strain” — “Identity”


  • Outstanding Animated Performance in an Episode, Commercial or Real-Time Project
    “Game of Thrones” — “The Dance of Dragons” — Drogon Arena Rescue
    “Game of Thrones” — “Mother’s Mercy” — Wounded Drogon
    SSE — “Pier” — Orangutan
    Sainsbury’s — Mog


  • Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial or Real-Time Project
    “Black Sails” — Charles Town Harbor
    “Game of Thrones” — City of Volantis
    “Game of Thrones” — Drogon Arena
    “Vikings” — Paris


  • Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial or Real-Time Project
    “Game of Thrones” — “Hardhome”
    “Halo 5” — “The Hunt Begins”
    Lipton — “The Revolution in Tea”
    SSE — “Pier”


  • Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Episode
    “Game of Thrones” — Drogon Arena
    “Game of Thrones” — Drogon Lair
    “Game of Thrones” — “Hardhome”
    “Vikings” — “To the Gates”

VES focuses on taking out the best show who had did something Unique and best than others in terms of effects in different categories like Drogon Arena or The Dance of Dragons, Wounded Dragon are some of the Fantastic and unfrogetable memories of the Game of Thrones. The VES awards will be going to be on Feburary 2 from which everyone will wait now specially the Game of Thrones Teams & Fans.


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