Game of Thrones : JON SNOW (Kit Harginton’s 29th Birthday) Things we love about Him

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Kit Harington is the Actor who is Starring the Raole of Jon Snow. Today he Turned 29 Years So, we Wish him Happy birthday. The one of the Best part of th Gme of Thornes is made by Kit Harington Which is one of the best scene of the year 2015 according to Weekly and many other major sites. The Jon Snow Role had made a deep impact on views of Game of Thrones which made Fans to be more Eager to know what will happen Next? We have Some Most Loved things about Kit Harington (JON SNOW) :

  1. His Lush Curly Black Hairs

We already now and also admit that kit is a one of the best actor of Game of Thrones. You also want to know what product does kit use for his hairs but one thing is most important what every he use it suits him on Stage or wheather its back stage he looks damm nice. Kit used to have several episodes like one he had with BBC Radio 1 where he was not satisfied with his hairs and looks but after sometime when had intervied with he said he is very luck to have such hairs and he looks good. He is feared of even going bald. Well Kit had not opened up his hairs secrets so, may be in future he will.

  1. Kit Sickest ABS

Kit had been seen rarely without shirt as JON but in his Flim Gladiator which was released in 2014 he starred as Pompeii he showed his ABS there. Kit is working hard on his Abs to get new debus.

3.Kit is a Romantic Guy

Apart from his role Kit is a Romantic Person in Real life he admitted too with Nylon in month of june when he was asked to sketch up his character. He even like to catup Treats with Women.

4.Kit Call out People who Behave Rude

Kit is a very easy going person who dont feel any type of hesitation or awakarness in saying or expalining his view points to others. He straightly point out the guys.

  1. Kit is a Social Doner / Charity Person


Kit offeres society with donations, Charity as he is kind from his heart and like to helps others.


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