Game Of Thrones Didn’t got anything in its bucket from Golden Globe Awards

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Soure: Winteriscoming

The Golden Globe Awards held Yesterday which fo not led fruitful for the Game of Thrones as the Show was nominated only in 1 Category which the lost. As Mr. Robot the new star cast was left with nothing from the show whereares the star cast of the show enjoyed the Award show as it was star noght which was associated with Shows. Pedro Pascal’s, Tobias Menzines also didnt wont any of the awards.The Award for nest supporting Actor goes to Christian Slater. As now the Show had high Expectations from Emmy Awards For which they think they would dig out awards in differnet categories. After having high expectations from Emmy they would Ignore all others. Emilia Clarke & Natalie Dormer were on the Red Carpet. Dormer now a days attending mostly each event of the Show from the last few months. Kit Harginton story is currently into a suspense as would what happen next even he is not attending any shows usually if a majors cast got killed up it created many questions and make the cast trouble as people want to know about there next step in show in order to wave of publicity they do so. Whereas many star cast went on live after hetting out of the show may be kit had some new suspense in the show or may be his planning to do something new.  

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