Game Of Thrones Cast Teases the Death of an Important Character in Season 6

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Last week the cast, crew and the showrunner had the special premier screening of Game Of Thrones Season 6 before its official releases on April 24th just among them and with that the Game OF Thrones Season 6 Episode 1-The Red Woman was screened and showcased to all the actors, maker and few lucky fans who won the opportunity to attend the premiere screening. Now because this year the makers and the channel, decided that they wouldn’t send any extra footage to the press, the critics weren’t part of that special premier in LA’s Chinese Theatre, but still during the red carpet, a lot of cast members were asked about the inside of the show and what makes the season 6 stand apart from any other season.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Red Carpet Premier Night

On the very initial front were interviewed the showrunner and producers of the show David Benioff & Dan Weiss and they said, “This season I just think everyone’s in danger and the more you get to know a character, the more you care about them, the more you fear for their fates”. Even the official first Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer had a dialogue by Tyrion Lannister, which goes as, We are in the great games now and the great game is terrifying. When asked him about death being symbolic to the show, he answered saying that “Death” in the show makes it “exhilarating” and that the producers have got this exciting narrative not only for the viewers but also to their own cast members as nobody till the end known of what lies the fate of these character in the show. In answering for this similar discussion Iwan Rheon who plays Ramsay Bolton in the show says, “You just don’t know what’s going to happen. Your favorite character could die any second.”

Well for some characters even the actor are a bit concerned but then actors such as Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) are just excited for the upcoming show for their characters development as they all feel a never before seen persona of these characters are about to get introduced in the upcoming Game Of Thrones 6. Lena Headey says that the show, this time, will have more of revenge story and more then gruesomeness; the revenge will draw more attention for its manipulative and mean reasons which these characters tend to bring other in. the already humiliated and petrified Cersei Lannister definitely has a scope for such storyline but the most convincing revenge story would be of Sansa Stark, who so far have just been made to suffer all the way till season 5, but this time she is “Taking charge”, said Sophie Turner.

Well, on the other hand, Daniel Portman who plays Podrick Payne said that “the Season 6 would prove to surprise the viewers and will get more involve will get more involved with the character emotionally.”  The premier event came to closure successfully and from then on a lot of Promotional videos and clips made their way out and thus we bring you a few glimpses of the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Red Carpet moment:

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