Game Of Thrones Cast Isaac Hempstead Wright, Ellie Kendrick, Maisie Williams and Tom Wlaschiha teases their Character for the Upcoming Season 6

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Hempstead Wrights character Bran Stark is the only leading man standing from the Stark family and with being kept under wrapped for the whole season 5, he is to be back in the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6. Earlier even when the very initial season 6 promo pictures came out the showrunners when asked about the characters appearance and importance in the upcoming show, they said he has got a real important role to play throughout the season 6 and here in the interview videos which took place this week as part of promoting the show, where not just Isaac Hempstead Wright but also Ellie Kendrick who plays Meera, Maisie Williams playing Arya and Jaqen H’ghar’s character played by Tom Wlaschiha talked about some of the candid insights from the exclusive Game Of Thrones Season 6.

Game Of Thrones Cast Isaac Hempstead Wright, Ellie Kendrick, Maisie Williams and Tom Wlaschiha teases their Character for the Upcoming Season 6

The first video brings together Isaac Hempstead Wright and Ellie Kendrick, who were asked about their feeling and experience of getting back to the show and what new element of their character are the audience going to get to see in the 6th season, to which Hempstead began with saying, “It was quite a shock to the system, having been away for a whole year, and watched the show become that much more massive and then come back onto it–it was nice–but it was slightly nerve-wracking.” They both seem quite happy to be back, with Kendrick adding: “It was lovely to be back on the show, though, because it’s been going so long there is a real community of cast and crew who return every year so it was really nice to see the friendly, familiar faces after having been away for a year.”

To this Ellie Kendrick entered in speaking about her part, also along with Brans condition and how difficult that be in actual, the major difficulty to actually put thing together specially in the action sequences and in the whole of the season as, everything around in the show is not going very well and with Bran’s condition, she has to be the one responsible, “The series starts for Meera in a pretty bleak place. Her brother has died, she’s stuck in a cave, the boy she is supposed to be looking after is going off on these weird mind trips, and she’s just stuck with Hodor for conversation.” Saying so she also hints towards the kind of drama the upcoming season is going to unfold: “She knows she has to take care of Bran no matter what, and that is a responsibility we will see tested to its limits this season.”

Well these two cast member didn’t give much of the hint of what might take place with their character in actual, but on the other side, the interview bringing together Maisie Williams and Tom Wlaschiha, were Maisie William just couldn’t stop letting out openly talk about her character and somewhat where the show would take “Arya Stark”, here the video of Maisie and Toms interview:

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