Game Of Thrones 606 “Blood Of My Blood” Inside The Episode

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So one of the elements that are part of Game Of Thrones give away to the crazy and obsessed fan following and the viewers around the world, Inside The Episode is one interesting kind of videos that HBO Releases on their Official Game Of Thrones YouTube Channel. Which does not just bring together the making of any particular episode but instead is focuses majorly on those scene which came up as highlight to that particular episode and the ideas and thoughts behind it are discussed by the very makers and actors who happened to create those epic scene that we come across every Sunday night as the exclusive episodes go on air. So for the last Sunday episode 6 Blood of My Blood, the makers have revealed four of their Inside the Episode videos, check it all here as we discuss and tell you people a bit about it.

Game Of Thrones 606 Inside The Episode

The Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 “Blood Of My Blood” opened where it was left in the previous episode with Hodor, Children of the Forest and Brans Shaggy dog sacrifices for the safety of Bran’s life as Meera take her away in the stormy snowy night. But in the episode, we see her struggle as Bran still into his vision come across montages of some of the most dreadful, passionate and misfortune events that took place and followed in the past in the world of Westeros. It was Benioff actually who calls it actually the world. We for the first time come across the Mad King been shown on screen. Later in the episode, we also come across the latest Stark Reunion, as Benjen Stark come into the picture and we see there is a mystical story behind him as well just like Bran and every bit detail about all of them are what the makers and the actors come up with in the episode.

Another intriguing part that almost all of us had been waiting for from the moment we say the Blood of My Blood trailer, was about the faceoff between the High Sparrow and Jaime Lannister along with the Tyrell Army to his side and to this event we though it’s going to be really kickass battle between the two groups but turned out High Sparrow outplayed the game and changed the face of the present situation in High Sparrow. Jaime and High Sparrow talk about the essential and core nature of the two and the sequence which makes space for an ultimately a new version of King’s Landing story.

Sam’s homecoming was one part that quite brought us to light of what Sam actually people think of him, his own father, brute, arrogant and completely disappointed with his father, the scene was the best scene we came across in episode 6 and as John Bradley and Hannah Murray sits to assert their take over the situation their character came across and helps deal with the kind of state both were in their individual way but ultimately they still chose to stick together and that is what pulls out the scene.

In the end, the clip that has actually made the episode Blood Of My Blood even larger than what it looked, the ending scene of Daenerys Targaryen flying up her Dragon and proclaim the power she has just happened to acquire. We see the Dragon is just growing huge and the bond that both Dany and her dragon poses are impeccable.

More new epic scene to arrive, more new action to take place, with new strategy, prospect and intention that will either bring some to dead or rise high above to come close to reach out for what they are so determined in the next episode of Game Of Thrones S06E07 “The Broken Man”, set to broadcast on May 5th, 2016 only on HBO Networks at 9 p.m. ET & 10 p.m. PT.

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