Game Of Thrones 6 Jaime & High Sparrow Scene’s Extended Version Unveiled

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The day that we were waiting for has finally arrived and after few more hours of wait, HBO will begin the broadcast of its most anticipated show of the season, Game Of Thrones Season 6. In the previous days of warming up for today’s releases, the channel, makers and the cast of the show were working real hard in promoting and reaching out the audience in all the manners possible, they came up on the podcasts, released episodes 1 synopsis and few titles from the upcoming season 6, also unveiled some of the most exciting videos from the upcoming episodes 1, along with the pictures from The Red Woman and has just made every one of us very much excited  to the core to get start with the season. Even doing so much the show does not want us to sit back and relax as another Game Of Thrones 6’s upcoming episodes scene was released on the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert.

Yesterday our very own Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau came along in an interview at the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert and like usual, discussed and talk about the show and its essential part, also how different the show forms the past season. When asked about the fans which in a larger frame are women admirers of the show, Nikolaj said that “The parts for women in the show along with their characters are amazing”. To catch the whole interview you could Click Here and enjoy the whole conversation between Nikolaj and Stephen Colbert.

So as we have seen that in recent time, every time the cast of the show goes on any interview or a talk show they would reveal a short clip of their scene from the upcoming episodes from Season 6 and two days past Nikolaj unveil one such clip of Jaime Lannister and High Sparrow on Good Morning America and now on the Stephen Colbert show Nikolaj unveils the extended version of the same clip, here lets check it out:

So you see finally Jaime Lannister confronts the new King’s Landing religious leader the High Sparrow at the Sept of Baelor and is even ready to kill the man if necessary, looking out for the scene, today at 9 p.m. sharp on HBO Networks.

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