Exclusive Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer #2 is full of Surprises, War & Dragons

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On the 10th of April 2016, the show held its first Game Of Thrones 6 Premier for the Cast & Crew with some lucky fans who got the chance to watch the first episode of Game Of Thrones 6 with those who are part of the show. Also, the premier showcased the second official Trailer of Game Of Thrones and few hours back HBO Networks released the official trailer to be available for public and so we bring you the same but with what exactly the latest second episode bring together, watching it closely with us here:

As we all were so very much concern over Jon Snow and his fate in the show, which from past few time have continuously been urging on to him actually being dead and the story to be carried forward from there, just like they showed it in the first official trailer and the second trailer makes it more clear, as the trailer began with Davos Seaworth alongside his man trying to protect the dead body of Jon Snow and that’s when the trailer unveils the concern over the world of Westeros with Jon Snow, “Thought he was the man to lead us from long night”, well now even the inside character want him alive but it seems, all this while the fans and the followers hold on to the hope that he in some sense is alive but in other maybe he is never meant to come.

Also, the trailer brings the reality of the whole season 6 through the words by Davos as he says, “the real war is between the living and the dead, make no mistake, the dead are coming!” So now you know the picture that one can image as to what all is expected of the latest installment out of the Game of Thrones Series. We definitely see a lot been happening, the Mother of Dragon, Queen Daenerys Targaryen held captive by the Dothraki is been stripped off her clothes among the fellow prisoners and the other side we see her dragons approaching her to rescue. Tyrion Lannister presently ruling over Meereen on behalf of Daenerys finds himself in a lot of situation dealing with the planned attacks by the Son of Harpy and strange women which has got both Tyrion & Varys to concern about things.

The tough time is approaching the ground of many characters, some are strong, some passive, some filled with the rage to avenge for the insult & humiliation they received and some are just prepared for the outcome of what been done before. While the quite feels like it’s the whole of the season in speedy cuts but Entertainment reviewing it said that most of what we see in the trailer have been drawn from the first episode. Well, only time will tell us about that, last few days left to unveil the first Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premier on April 24th, 2016 only on HBO Networks.

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