Exclusive Game Of Thrones Season 6 Predictions & Spoilers That You Would Not Want to Miss

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To start off with we all know that the ongoing HBO series Game Of Thrones has always been a major topic of conversation, after the is done with its season and again the hype for the next season to roll has already got in with the excitement of when the show would again get on television and during this whole time, lot of theories, speculation, concerns and ideas keeps coming in and goes out on social media and so for all those fans for whom the show has been so very important is really looking forwards to something sensible yet actual which really might take place, we here have came up with some very important pointer or show say possible prediction of the things that might takes place in the Upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6, also for those who have took a look at some the episode from the last and the fifth season, we would advice that you would come across spoiler content so should avoid it.

Game Of Thrones Brienne Kills Stannis Lannister

Though the show has taken a lot of twist and turns throughout these five season, so initially when we speak of what we have seen and what might we possibly seen happening to the characters or them doing things we here firstly would talk of by starting with Brienne taking her revenge of Renly by killing Stannis, after Stannis has already lost a lot which earlier just seemed that things would go real well, as he has also sacrificed his own daughter to gain luck and strength to win the at the battle field but things turned out to be bad and other way around, while fighting to few soldier, Stannis comes across Brianne which then he knew that she would kill him and that is what she does but no such exact posture or portrayal of her ripping her head off was not be shown at the moment and that possible carries chances of him returning back to life and even at its greatest he is not even dead.

Game Of Thrones Seaosn 6 Stannis Baratheon

It was Bolton who kicked Stannis’s Army out and bought him to a losing ground and it is his ideology and motive to take down all of those surviving powerful bodies and was the only ready why he had hold onto Sansa, because Sansa belongs to the Stark and all the people from the north had always been very much loyal to the Starks and so would not speak against her and till the time Sansa was along their side, they have got a hold onto them and so would do what every they would want to do but the real surprise comes now has Sansa has moved out looking for a safer place, an actual protected space after which a lot would be seen changing as in future it would be her taking the charge of her own and the next season will definitely see her stand against Ramsey, for all that pain that he has shed upon her but as for now after Stannis Ramsey Bolton is all moved out to gain power by defeating the powerful once and that would possible bring them across to the Kings landing or some other Lord and so a definite war like situation is likely to be observed not just one but several times as there are people who see beneficial ground during these situation and Littlefinger has got some high ambitious advantageous ideas.

Game Of Thrones Season 6, Ramsey Bolton

Now over the year the show has came up with a lot of different place which turned out to be of a place bring up major conflicts and also a secure place for someone to hide out and as Sam and Gilly as shown the last time which shared the same concern which Jon had of how fight back the Walkers and so the upcoming season definitely see then move to the Old town a place which has not yet been appeared or introduced in the Westeros, a site which is observed from the High Garden would seen them walk in to find some important information related to walkers and also a defeat plan.

Game Of Thrones Seaosn 6 Sansa Stark, Theon, Reek

Remember that moment which saw Sansa and Reek jumping down from a height down into this deep snow and felt that they might be dead, but no, not really, because Sansa is one of those character which is yet be seen coming up as one who would take charge at some point and has the story of the show more over have been moved by the plot line of the book series, Sansa does not dies, but infact will move north towards the wall, because she knows that she would find her brother but only one thing she does not know is that he has already been stabbed by his own bloody once, but she perfectly will be seen heading their as she also known that that would be the only place which brings her the guarantee of being protected and safe.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Marcella, Jaime Lannister

Another sudden shock which we saw during the season was Marcella along with his father Jaime holding her later getting to know that she has been poisoned but has not ideas of who it might be and that was the whole sequence which do not show he completely dead, and as we know with the kind of a show GOT is things are not always the same as they seems to be, because a very large part from the book mentions in a very unclear manner her survival and If the story moves exactly the way it has been penned down you might have a major section in the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6 of her part on the screens.

Game Of Thrones Season 6Daenerys

As we all saw it in the end episode of Daenerys escaping to another land the people in her support have been worried but some or the other would have to be in charge until she comes back and Tyrion being the most profound, intelligent and reliable person steps into her foot as Jorah and Tyrion still looks for him in some or the other way, but as she has reached the place, among those, from which even Khal Drogo the one whom she got married in the season 1, she has again came to that one land for some of the greater purposes and just like the old time there is someone who is expected to knock at the door of her heart but till then all Tyrion will have to do is make some decision, decision that are to change the equation between Daenerys and him.

Game Of Thrones Arya Stark

There had been strong speculation about Arya’s lost sights as we all saw her Blinded in one of the major sequences in 5th season, because she had killed Ser Meryn Trant who had killed her Sword Master Syrio and it is that revenge that she has took but by doing that she had broke a rule of The House of Black and White and it is that punishment she receives by Jaqen H’ghar. But the one things that ends this speculation of her going blind the rest of the season is because recently on a social media she uploaded one of her image, where she has been laying on bed with those eye cooling pad under her eyes and later was also seen speaking words like, “I don’t want to wear these crazy contacts for the rest of my time on Game Of Thrones”.

Kit Harrington, Jon Snow

Apart from all of these any of the major demise and disheartening factor which took place in the last season, the one thing which created major depressing moment was when we saw Jon Snow dying, and sue to this a lot of fans every were on social media spoke, debated and made theories out of his death scene but when asked Kit Harrington himself, he stated that and conformed that according to the director of that particular episode, Jon Snow is definitely dead, which means Jon Snow might not come back but as he has still been seen around the set along with the present cast who is alive and those pictures of him still carrying that curl long hair tells us clearly that still something of him is left in the show and that there aren’t possibility of him come back to life, Because the person on the show is dead only when he is cut into two pieces or burnt, but that has not been shown to us. Another possible chance of his resurrection which could take place is when he has been in some secretive way if taken away to heal him back.

Game Of Thrones Seaosn 6 The Walkers

Like the reasons that has got potentials in them which points in a direction of someone effort might bring him to life as Davos, Melisandre are at one single place but all his reason it is the reason of protecting the Wall from falling down which is likely to take place in the next season as the Walkers are looking forwards to move southwards and for that the one who had a strength and more over a mind which had the will to defend the wall and now that he is no more he has be back and it is in the book which states that whenever Melisandre has been around the Walls she is on an extreme level with her powers. What ever happen one thing that is so very sure is that the season 6 is going to observe a lot intense and the most dramatic battle that has ever took place as the Walkers move towards the south to have a battle at the Westeros.

Still there are many more months before the very first episode from Game Of Thrones Season 6 takes place the excitement for the show news and reading will be on top for the fans and audiences, so for more such news and buss related to the show do stick to our blog of Game Of Thrones.

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