Epic Tale Of Game Of Thrones : Series Summery and Guide

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Never in the history of television every seen a show like Game Of Thrones, as it tells a very important and epic tale from this mythical world of Westeros brought out to the television world from a fictional fantasy novel series A Song Of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin’s titled as the Game of Thrones and would be credited to the creator of this series David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and is a Series that brings together a age long tale of an Iron Throne between the seven kingdoms which are referred as the seven houses in the series which are House Stark, House Arryn, House Hoare, House Lannister, House Durrandon, House Gardener and House Martell all of them looking for to gain control over the Iron Thrones hence making it complex, gritty, manipulative epic tale of power and politics which is often seen taking possession of people over their mind and objectives through sexual manipulation and personal adjournment.

Epic Tale Of Game Of Thrones  Series Summery and Guide

Well the history of this fictional fantasy world is over 13,000 years old when the first men from the south invades the land of Westeros later moved further to start establishing the kingdoms and settling down, came to this early where the show finally takes a start of with everyone fighting and killing everybody else for just one motive to have power over the Iron Thrones and this land of Westeros divided physically into three parts the North, Mid-Region, and The Southern Desert but then the political embody are just two, The Walls and The Seven Kingdom, over the decades a lot has been happening from the early beginning of the show Game Of Thrones Season 1 which saw a massive Civil War among those empowered noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms for the Thrones, season 2 observes a war been continued since the first one and at a time three major characters are seen reclaiming the Iron Thrones with the help of the other Houses in power but still fighting for it, the one who has yet to be join the company of these is afar of all of these and finally set a course, family known as the Dragon lady. The third season then bring some of the most evil bodies as the always been talked about as the legendary monsters and there rises the threat to all to confront those creatures belonging to the north. The Fourth and the Fifth season went quite as an eye opener as the viewers were already appreciating the kind of content the show was coming up with and as they showcased some of the harsh realities about the major characters, their defeats, their means of planning to reach to a places, their two faced persona turned the whole game upside down and it were these two season which bought out the most shocking scenes and the death of some of the very important charters, which almost crushed, burnt and broke a lot of hearts with the content.

Game Of Thrones Series

It was the season 4 and season 5 of Game Of Thrones which saw a huge number off records being set for the online viewing of the trailer and the leaked episode from the season 5 prior a night of its premier, set a record of around 18 million illegal download of the first four episode, making it the most popular show to be downloaded on internet apart from that the first four season of the show constantly have been getting nominated for Primetime Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Drama Series Golden Globe Nomination For Best Television Series also it was Peter Dinklage who for his performance Tyrion Lannister won the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

Game Of Thrones Series History

The Game Of Thrones Season 5 came to an end on June 14, 2015 with its last and 10th episode Mother’s Mercy which holds a record of 8.11 million viewing all over which is the most watched number throughout the five years from the five season and HBO has already been renewed for Season 6 which is accepted to go on air during spring 2016 and so for anything related to the shows latest updates stay tuned here to known more of such exciting thing about the ongoing Game Of Thrones Series.

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