Entertainment Weekly : Announces the Picture of Bran Stark From Season 6

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Source : EntertainmentWeekly

As the release period is coming close updations are making Fans more eager to know about each updation of the Tv Show Entertainment Weekly had recently make the release of a new picture of Game of Thrones Season 6 Where Bran Stark had met 3 Eyed Raven in the North of the wal. The apperance of the Bran Stark is very Scary he is in Log hairs wearing a long jacket and he is Surronded by Skulls and bones he is stucked where he cannt come out easily in Dance of Dragons.

Entertainment Weekly had Revealed the Image of Bran Stark Form the Upcoming of Game of Thones Season 6 they had also mentioned that they will have new Issue release frim Tomorrow. These release will surely help to clue out new suspense and unanswered questions of the Game of Thrones Season 5.  The images released by wntertainment Weekly gives a fansatic view of the new season how great the new season will be and surely there will be some good and intresting story about Bran Stark.Please Share your Views and Ideas to about what can be the image Revealing about the Next Story?.


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