Emilia Clarke To Claim that ” Game of Thrones Season 6 will have the biggest moments on television ever”

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Source: Winteriscoming

As the Release of premiere date had been announced that had recreated eagerness among fans. In the recent Award show Emilia Clarke was taken Aside by news Group and they had an interview with her.Emilia Clarke in the Gloden Globe Awards Show interview clamied that the Game of Thrones Season 6 will be the best of all and will be the biggest movement of the shows exist till now. Which probably make us know that there will be revealing of many un answered Questions and many new threathen stories. Clarke had also answered some ever asking questions. Like

1) How does she Feel about the Show Overtaking the books?

She said she is exicted and even nevous too.

2) What about Jon Snow?

For that she said it will be all answered in season 6 which is gonna be something big.

On One Hand Show is spending much on Shooting of each episodes with lots of hope. Emilia Clarke is one of the important part of show and if She had made a claim then probably it worth much.

That all So, The Game of Thrones is coming on April 24 Which will reveal the Threats.


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