Emilia Clarke a woman of substance in Season 6 – Game of thrones!

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A video that leaked from the sets of the highly popular drama series Game of Thrones season 6 portrays Emilia Clarke shooting for two scenes. A video taken from the set and posted on iHOLA Instagram page, shows that Emilia who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen will be abducted and taken to a Dothraki camp in the beginning of Season 6. She is said to be sitting beside a lake at the camp at the end of the clipping.


A lengthier version of the video was available on the iHOLA website, but has now been erased. The video portrayed two men leading Daenerys somewhere and she seemed to be held captive by them.

However, the video starts with a different scene showing Daenerys leading the Dothraki through a valley on the back of a horse.  Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman) is accompanying her in the scene. In Season 5 Daario had been asked to find the mother of dragons.

While Emilia is busy filming these scenes in Spain, a production set has also been established in Northern Ireland.

Viewers so far have appreciated Emilia Clarke and surely are waiting to see more of her. This agile but valiant beauty rules the hearts of many. Daenerys is sure to put up a good show in the battle for the throne and will surely fight for the integrity of the Targaryen’s, despite being left all alone after the assassination of her wayward brother Viserys Targaryen and the sad demise of her powerful husband Khal Drogo. She had lost her mother while she was born and her father was killed shortly after.

The scenes related to Daenerys’ struggle are most definitely going to be a treat to watch and as the shows history runs there are sure to be some extravagant twists and turns along the way! For now, until the climax of the grand finale unfolds Daenerys will be a strong contender to the Iron throne amongst other stalwarts!

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