Daenerys Targaryen Scene from the Recent Game Of Thrones 6 Premiere Screening

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The wait for the latest edition of Game Of Thrones Season 6 is just 13 days away to officially showcase the very first episode of season 6 go on air for world audience, but for those few lucky once which has had a chance to watch the exclusive first episode, “The Red Women” that too with the show’s cast & Crew at the Game Of Thrones 6 Premier held at LA’s Chinese Theatre. The live streaming of the same event was streamed on the official GOT 6 Facebook page so that everyone could collectively experience at least the talk and the candid interviews with the cast.

Game Of Thrones 6 Premiere The Red Women Sneak Peek

This special premiere apart from showcasing the first episode from the season 6, it also showcased few long and short clips and the official trailer 2 which got released few hours back. Well from those clips today we come across a video been published by Reuters, which features some of the actors answering the question regarding Jon Snow being dead or alive and after that is done a minute later the scene that captures Daenerys Targaryen walking along with the Dothraki hordes and is finally been brought to a place where the slaves and the widowed Khaleesi are bought to spend their life of nothing.

Well, to elaborate more, Daenerys is bought is bought to a place called as Vaes Dothrak in Essos, a settlement located right in the middle of the what it’s known as the Dothraki Sea. Well among the other Khalasar, Dany reveals that she is the wife of Late Khal Drogo & that certainly would bring her into trouble as in that case, she would defiantly be bought into the settlement to live among other widows of the other Khals and in that way she would have to find way to get across the Narrow Sea to resume her journey to take on over the whole of Westeros.

Well through the trailer there only one hope we see that is possibly coming for her is her dragon, notice the scene of a dragon fly over the Dothraki hoard in the latest second trailer, well, for now, we would like you people to take a look at that footage, which was part of the Game Of Thrones 6 Special Premier:

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