Check out Game Of Thrones 6 Latest Clip Featuring Jaime Lannister & High Sparrow

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The final two days and we are in the discussions, criticisms, liking, hating, judging and evaluating, but still wondering and waiting for the next episode to appear on the television and this whole routine goes on for the next 10 weeks with sheer excitement and joy for having been watched Game Of Thrones 6th season. Which presently seem to be bigger, bolder and fresh in its every substance of the show which has made their way during the present promotion of the show through different clips from the scenes of the upcoming episode by the actors on different platforms. Earlier they revealed the clips featuring Liam Cunningham, Sansa-Theon, Dothraki Captive Daenerys, Blind Arya and this time it is Jaime Lannister.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Jaime Lannister Clip

For promoting the show, Jaime Lannister land into an interview with the Good Morning America and while discussing the shows with the host and interviewers Amy Robach, Nikolaj Costar-Waldau revealed his characters short clip which also features the High Sparrow, well firstly do take a look at this latest clip from the upcoming episodes of Game Of Thrones 6:

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Now things have been quite different in King’s Landing, in fact it has changed quite too much after he has been away to the Dorne and now that he is back to Kings Landing with his dead daughter Myrcella, he have a very confronting conversation with the new religious leader The High Sparrow in the Sept of Baelor. Now of force, it’s Jaime Lannister’s turn to confess his share of sins he has done to High Sparrow, but Jaime being the way he has been, he would not turn himself in, infact is prepared and can do anything that has been shown in the clip. He’s a carefree man with sudden acts but killing High Sparrow this easily would drop the shows excitement, for which we fell there is going to be one hell of a drama out of this.

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