Celebrating the Release Of Game Of Thrones 5 Boxset, Dragon Landing Event has been Organized Across America

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HBO has always maintained and lifted up the standards when it came to promoting their one of the most popular show Game Of Thrones, a series which on 24th of April will run its 6th season, but that does not leave the previous season far back as the promotions for season 5 are still on and why not the fifth edition was by far the best season came on television yet from the series and now as it is the moment when the maker finally releases the Game Of Thrones Season 5 Bluray and DvD Boxset, which cannot just happen on a normal front hence, the makers and the channel have decided to scatter all over America to promote their latest GOT Season 5 DvD release through this extremely astonishing Dragon Landing Event in the set four different location throughout America.

Well, the official Game Of Thrones 5 Blu-ray & DVD Boxsets released and became available from 15th of March on Tuesday, where HBO came up with by far the best promotional event yet to let the world known and even participate in the event to bring the best out of the show. Basically what they have done is that they have organized this Dragon themed event, which began at the North Plaza of the Union Square and has installed and created a Dragon Landing structured pad, which gives you the image of a dragon landing been taken place and because of which you witness the destruction and the damage that has taken place around. Well here are some of the pictures from the Union Square Dragon Landing created site:

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD Boxset Release

Game Of thrones Season 5

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Bly-ray and DVD

Well the same night, at the Herald Square in NYC, the event included a 20 mins animated feature screening of “The Dance Of Dragon”, which happened to be part of the extra feature added up in the Blu-ray Boxset, alongside they are also giving away few chosen the exclusive Game Of Thrones 5 Boxset. The same night another event also took place in Los Angeles, at the Hollywood & Highland’s, Central Courtyard Archway.

Well apart from New York & Los Angeles, HBO & Game of Thrones would be going to the below-stated cities where the dragon would fly down to mesmerize the fans and introduce a great new experience to the show.

Philadelphia on Wednesday, March 16.


Dragon Landing Event @ 8 a.m. PT at Dilworth Plaza, the City Hall

Dragon Appearance Event @ 8.15 p.m. ET

San Francisco on Thursday, March 17.


Dragon Landing Event @ 8 a.m. PT at PIER 39

Dragon Appearance Event @ 8.15 p.m. ET

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