Bran Stark Could Change the Game of Thrones Season 6

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Source : Yahoo

As the Entertainment Weekly Recently Annunced the latest picture from the Game of Thrones Season 6 it was Quite suprising to see bran Stark who will be seen in the next season going to appear in the Month of April the latest Season going to be telecasted on HBO. So you need not to worry about tthe Baby Rickon and this time he is returning in a big way in the upcoming season 6.

There was a interview recently taken by Entertainment Weekly the actor Bran’s is currently going to westeros he was last seen in season 4 this time he will be with special powers and he will be even more better then the last season fifth. So you will be introduced with his powers in the very nexy season as he has been given is own space in the next season as said by Hempstead Wright. Have a look on The “Teaser of Game of Thrones Season 6

Game Of Thones Season 6 Teaser

A Reunion of Joy

As Game of Thones Family is becoming big with old and new star cast too. As per the suggestions that Bran Stark will peer doen Westerosi History onthe other hand Eddie Eyre ( Ser Alfred Hunrith) has also joined Season Six. According to sources may be there will be role of Robert Aramayo and Luke Roberts.

Saving Jon Snow

May Be Bran Stark will reach the Tower of joy and Solve the R +L=J Equation and he could know about the Brother Cousins Second Life chances

There can be many reasons how the Bran Stark will make the difference in the story we could only make threaten stories though the Rumors which is not right to do. As of now we could not make any claim what will be exactly effect of Bran Stark. Looking Forward For more to serve you.

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