Arya Stark Featuring Game Of Thrones 6 Clips Debuts on Seth Meyers Show With Maisie Williams

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The premiere date of Game Of Thrones Season 6 is getting close and with that the actors and the makers are all rushing them self into promoting the show in every possible manner, through television interviews, to online social clips and social media and this particular week saw a lot of new clippings, interview footages and some inside clips from the upcoming season 6, focusing on some particular character and their leads as to how things are going to open up in the exclusive 6th edition of Game Of Thrones and today was one such day when another such short Clip featuring Arya Stark made its way out on Set Meyers late night show with Maisie Williams.

In the interview, Maisie was seen answering about the irritating question been getting asked everywhere about Jon Snow, which not many want to believe in and infact she would have been pleased if been asked more about the character that she portrays in the show of “Arya Stark”. Because she feels that her storyline in the recent time has gained a lot of potentials and the season 6 is going to get way more exciting for her character. She also shed her view on to how difficult it was to shoot for season 6 as Arya Stark has gone blind and couldn’t see anymore and it this difficulty of using lenses that make her look blind. Well here it is that candid interview at Late Night with Seth Meyers:

Well, it was during the show was showcased her first insight into what exactly Arya Stark is dealing with after she has gone blind in the show. All this while from what we took a look at the trailer, Arya has been seen getting punched and beaten by Waif and it felt as if she is been getting weaker but instead with now the blindness being the condition she still has to survive and find a way to live her life and still get all of her enemies, for which she is been getting trained and not beaten by Waif…

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