APP Advice Rumor: Apple Could Buy Time Warner & can get Streaming Rights of Game Of Thrones

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Source: APP Advice

Game of Thrones the Popular Tv Show always Sourrounded around the Rumors, News . A Rumor is going around which is pretty much exiciting and intresting too. The App Advice had Mentioned that Apple is building Sreaming Service for Apple Tv and they can Buy Time Warners to get all the Rights of the Content they use Right now.Apple has been trying for years to assemble a “skinny bundle” of the most highly desired channels—or “apps,” as Tim Cook prefers to call them. The idea is that if the programming is good enough, if the price is right, and if the package includes live sports, cable TV subscribers will cut the cord and leave the world of 500-channel TV for Apple’s streaming service.

“Time Warner a well know Streaming Company which owns Stream Rights of HBO if the Apple Got the Rights of those Contents then it will also have Rights over the Show Game of Thrones. The Rumor is going from pretty long time if they got rights of Time Warner then there could be many changes that could take place and Apple will get more than enough Content to go with.”

According to App Advice Apple could take over some more big Streaming Companies to make it hold under this sector like netflic or Disney. Already Apple had woked with disney In collobration making Pixar. If one of these thing take place it could be a big game changing moment and the company can gove competitions to Amazon Prime or Hulu.If some Deal is going between Apple & Time Warner then it will probably help Applye to move Faster then now and give Free promotion, Popularity and they can also take the Popular Show the Game Of Thrones.


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