Another Game Of Thrones Season 6 Clips Made Its Way Out on Conan Show with John Bradley

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The TBS late night talk show featured Game Of Thrones Castle Black member “Sam”, the actor John Bradley and in the talks with the host Conan O’Brien, a lot of questions related to the show got to be answered by John Bradley. Like John Bradley’s experience of the show, the fame of it, the frequent questions being asked everywhere and then finally was bought up an exciting new scene from the show which features an amusing talk between Sam & Gilly.

The scene which was showcased at the show between the interviews brings together that moment when Sam & Gilly are headed far to south in boat as been advised by Maester Aemon as the White Walkers are soon to approach north and then further ahead. Well so they are on this journey to south and are in boat and like usual San is a bit vulnerable of this new situation of traveling in tides, which is actually making him sick, but then is the conversations that is quite interesting and intriguing at the same time.

Well this has been a very common question that might have ended up making rounds with almost every cast member being asked, “Is Jon Snow Dead?” and like always these actors had their very own way of answering it, well Bradley took it in a real smart way as he didn’t answer the question but infact came up with those fan theories that he got to hear and this one being the one wired theory according to him:

Ahead in the show Conan O’Brien and Bradley had a take on the spoiler that people out are so very much excited of and why it is important to avoid the spoiler as the makers of the particular episodes have got a very intriguing way of narrating the story, which won’t make a kind of effect on the audience after the revelation of a spoiler.

Finally Bradley came down to answer about how the Global Fame of Game Of Thrones has bought change and exposure to his life, also shares an interesting story of a Free Donuts at Krispy Kreme.

Well the interesting element that almost every most awaits for which for this year it has been less are the fewer inside clips from the upcoming show, which this time made its way through the Conan Show.

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