An Inside-out Talk with Game Of Thrones 6 Grim and Foreboding Character Ser Alliser Thorne

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Game Of Thrones Series based on George R. R. Martins Book series, “A Song Of Ice and Fire” is a universe that is so vast and intriguing in all its of its elements, structure, plots, backdrop, characters, relation and the ultimate emotion of being an existing body of Game of Thrones World. With the show which debuted on the small screens in the year 2011 gave an insight into the world that was mean, cruel, petrified and violent to its core and as we came across different character the understanding and the likeness grew for many characters and for some we just had an emotion of utter hearted. But there also was a category of characters which many of them didn’t like but were fond of them as being someone who had some sense of honor and gratitude towards their actions, one of that character we believe was Ser Alliser Thorne whom we saw getting executed in the previous episode of Game of Thrones 6 Episode 3 Oathbreaker.

Game Of Thrones 603 Oathbreaker Jon Snow Executes Alliser Thorne

So as Owen Teale who plays Alliser Thorne departs from the show in the last week’s episode, he sits together to talk about his journey in the show, his character, the persona and the death of Alliser Thorne in an Interview with Entertainment Weekly. Owen Teale has been part of the show from the very beginning apart from the Pilot episode which had another cast playing Alliser, but was replaced by Owen, “Whose Watch Come to End” with season 6 and thus talking about the journey he speaks about his character portrayal and how he is in actual life then Thorne, “In Thorne’s boots is not a nice place to be. I found the most important thing when playing the character was to just get rid of a whole section of feelings that I have as a human being — like joy, for instance, that’s just gone.”

Walking down the lane for so long and being a neck of a wreck all the time throughout the show, but also was a wise leader when it came to being the responsible Lord Commander of Castle Black, unappreciative through words but quite determined to show gratitude towards other Castle Black Brother whenever necessary is how Thorne’s true persona inherited. In interview he was asked about his season 5 script receive, which revealed to him that he would kill Jon Snow in the end and what does that made him feel about the scope of his own character, because the major focus at the Castle Black has always been Jon Snow and the Battle that took place in there but this time it was something that the writer paid an attention towards Teale’s character, for which he had to say this…

“I thought that I’m loving this because they’re pushing my character — something is happening, we’re not going to repeat and fade. I thought they’re either going to really invest in Thorne and he’s going to take over Castle Black, or it will mean his end — and I liked either of those options. I guess I would prefer they explore his character with Jon Snow gone”

And as he further mentions he says that realizing about the outcome in the next season, means GOT Season 6 things weren’t quite favorable to his character as his character was given more space and exposure, “but it’s not as interesting as what they’ve chosen. They give him a death and a speech.” On the shows idea of bringing back Jon Snow, he feels it was the perfect move to do and had great credibility in doing that because that gave the show few more elements to explore out of the show but then we see that loss came to Owen Teale’s way, “I was immediately impressed when I realized what they were doing with bringing him back was investigating what it means for that to happen — they’re not just bringing back Jon Snow like he never died. I think they’ve done the right thing, and it’s farewell for me.”

Well it does it a farewell for him though, he spoke a lot more than these about the reaction of fan over him on his characters killing the most important and favorite character of the show, his take on the final episode (Oathbreaker) he was part of, his future project etc. to catch the whole Interview with Entertainment Weekly Click Here Also don’t forget to watch the next Game Of Thrones 604 “Book Of The Stranger” which is scheduled to showcase tomorrow night at 9 p.m. only on HBO Entertainment Network.

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