8 Most probable deaths in Season 6 of Game of Thrones

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The writer of the immensely popular serial on HBO, George R.R. Martin seems to always crush your enthusiasm in the persistence and role of a particular character as soon as you start taking interest in the character. It seems that the moment you get attached to a fictitious character you have most likely signed his death warrant.
The air is full of rumors way before the show will be on air featuring its 6th season and this gossip has been further set aflame by Martin in a Q&A session held at the beginning of this year in Germany. He is quoted to have said: “There’s this character, which I always knew that she will die, from the moment of their introduction to them was doomed to die. But I did not know how she was going to die.”
Trying to gauge further, taking into consideration the snippets from the site of fans Watchers on the Wall, we can figure out that this character’s role will end soon in the book series, and there are high chances that the character could be killed in the Season 6 Premiere of the show. It is very premature to testify to the credibility of the matter, but most certainly most of the female characters are in a perilous state.

Unimportant regular characters such as Missandei and Gilly can be thought to be safe as of now, as they have just begun fresh chapters in their journey. Towards the end of Season 5 Missandei was a major force in Meereen, and Gilly was on her way to Oldtown along with Sam.

This still leaves the destiny of eight female distinctive characters under immense speculation. Let’s discuss their fate now.

Daenerys has more to offer and has a long way to go, logic suggesting that she will be kept alive for feasible reasons. Firstly Jon has just been murdered and two consecutive deaths are most unlikely.

Game of Thrones-Daenerys

Secondly there is a lot under wraps after she has been taken up by a Dothraki Khalasar, a very shocking incident in the show. Anxiety lies over the question of her ultimate go ahead and whether the Khalasar will support her or not. This entangled web will surely not be resolved in the first episode and we are sure to see more of her.

Next is Arya Stark who has not been given much footage in the previous seasons and sure enough the writers will not kill her so soon, and moreover there is mystery shrouded over her blindness towards the end of Season 5.

Next comes Brienne of Tarth. She has slain Stannis Baratheon at the end of season 5 and her next move could prove to be fatal without a strong force backing her. Sansa and Reek have escaped Winterfell and could confront Brienne on their way. Then there are Ramsay Bolton’s men who would be eager to ensure that they do not lose the “key to the North” putting Brienne’s life under high risk.

Now we would discuss the prospects of the initially infamous Melisandre’s death in season 6. She seems to be the one to resurrect Jon Snow and would probably sacrifice herself to appease the Lord of Light for Jon Snow’s well-being, probably a purpose she would take up after losing her position as Stannis’s advisor.

Ellaria Sand could be the next in line to fall to the pangs of death. At the end of Season 5 she has instigated the Lannister’s by killing Myrcella Baratheon and it is most unlikely that Cersei Lannister will not avenge her dear daughter’s untimely death.

Cersei Lannister is the most apparent choice for death in Season 6; however there is immense scope in the storyline for her to offer more. The Walk of Shame disgruntled her and her death would be a major event in Season 6 which the creators would have to carve out carefully to keep the audience glued.

Cersei's walk of shame

We will now analyze Sansa’s chances of being dead.  Sansa would be a major target for the Boltons as she was the eldest living Stark.

Now talking of Margaery she seems to be the strongest contender in line to face demolition in the plot. She is very vulnerable as she is not in the good books of the Lannisters.

Let’s just wait and watch who rises and who falls during the 6th season and major twists and turns are expected as history has it, while the mystery of the ultimate climax grows stronger!

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