You Win Or You Die- Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7

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You Win Or You Die

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Review & Plot, Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis) Season 1, Episode 7

 Episode Name: You Win or You Die

 Air Date: May 29, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

 Directed By: Daniel Minahan

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Review & Plot- You Win Or You Die 

On the war ends of the Riverland, Lord Tywin Lannister with an army of about 60,000 plans to attack the House of Stark & punish Catelyn for the imprisonment of his son. He, while butchering a dead stag, discusses his House’s situation with his elder son Jamie Lannister, who tells him about Eddard’s orders of Tywin’s presence in his court. Tywin explains him that it is very important for them to free Tyrion as it is a matter of disrespect for them. He orders Jamie to take half his army & rescue his son from Catelyn Stark.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Tywin Lannist

In the meanwhile, in the King’s landing, Eddard tells Lady Cersei that he knows all about her treachery with the King & that her children are fathered by her brother Jamie & not Robert. She proudly accepts the fact & tells him that she has blamed all this on Robert himself since their wedding night, when Robert addressed her as ‘Lyassa’, the one he loved. Therefore, Cersei seems none ashamed with the situation of Targaryen’s practise of marrying one’s own brother was practised. Eddard quite fumed by the situation asks her to leave as soon as she could as when Robert returns from his hunt, he would tell him & she will have to face his rage. Cersei calls him a fool for giving away the throne, while Eddard tells her about his regret. While thundering away Cersei acquaint Eddard with the word by saying that “in the Game of Thrones, you either win or lose, there is no mid-way out of it.”

Littlefinger experiences Armeca her prostitute along with the new arrival in the brothel Ros having fun. He instructed them how to behave with their customers. While they started over again, Ros invited him to join them but he refused as he told them about his only lady love & further. Further he tells them how he duelled with Brandon Stark over Catelyn Tully & though lost, learnt that one is never going to win in their ways & their rules. He declares that he aims for everything!

In Winterfell, Theon tries to intimidate Osha, the captivated wilding, by trying to get close to her and asking her to address him by ‘Lord’ as he is going to be the one soon. Soon when he is trying to manipulate her, Maester Luwin enters the chamber & shoos Theon away.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Theon and Osha

He questions Osha, why would they cross the wall & moves towards the south, what could be the reason to leave their land. The wilding turned to him with stern response that the ones who kill at night are awake after a long period of time, the White Walkers.

For the time being, Eddard gets to know about Robert’s hunt got bad for him & him getting injured to death by a wild boar. As the King is brought to his chambers, Eddard with Joffrey enters along & Robert asks to be alone with the two. Robert feels for his son & thinks of himself low as a father. He notifies Eddard about his last wish of him being the King until his son Joffrey comes to age. Considering the fact, Eddard replaces his words by “the rightful heir”. Robert also asks him to cancel the act of attack planned on Daenerys Targaryen. The King signs & seals his words & Robert leaves his chambers with it. Varys later briefed him about Lancel Lannister serving him wine throughout the hunt, making him dizzy & that it’s been too late to cancel the attack on the Targaryen Queen.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Robert and Eddard

In a different scene, Daenerys tries to convince Drogo to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, but he refuses to do so & on the other hand explain her that a man needs a horse, not an iron chair. Daenerys while travelling to the market for some business with Ser Jorah Mormont & her few maids asks Jorah about how she could convince Drogo to conquer the lands as they originally belong to her. He then explained about how Aegon, her ancestor was able to conquer the lands, but only by the help of his dragons, thus giving her a hint. While in the market place one of the wine seller move towards Deny n humbly order to ask her to taste one of his finest wines. Jorah, who is actually been spying over her received a message from Varys & knew that the wine was poisoned. He, changing his mind, stops Daenerys from drinking & calls out it to be poisoned. Drogo realising this, drags the seller by tying him to a horse, as a punishment & realising it as attack from the Land of Seven Kingdoms decides to attack it & conquer their realms by owning the iron throne.

At the very moment, Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly, at the wall spots Jon’s uncle, Benjen’s horse but no sign of Benjen himself, as they rush to the Castle Black.

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont then addresses them as men of the Night’s Watch & assigns them their new assignments. To his surprise, Jon’s name is counted under stewards & not rangers. Sam convincingly tells him that he has to directly work for the Commander & that he is under the preparation of commands. Pypar, then hearing tells them about his incident, when he lied about being called by the Commander as he stole some cheese, but the truth was for his pleasure, shocking the two.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Lord Jeor Mormont

Later at night, Jon & Sam went to the forest with few of his army to take their oaths of brotherhood & tying themselves for life. All the oaths were taken in front of the sacred tree of the Haunted Forest. When the oath was taken & the celebration was on, as Ghost finds a dismantled hand in the forest & brings it back to horrified Jon & Sam.

On the other hand, Renly tries to convince Eddard to get crowned as the king as it would be too late if they wait for the King to take his last breath. But Eddard firm on his decisions, does not find it right to take away the throne, he instead tells him about his elder brother, Stannis Baratheon being the right heir to be a king. Therefore, he sends a message to Dragonstone, Stannis’s island fortress for him. The very later, Littlefinger visits Eddard & he get to know about Joffrey not being the real heir. He asks Eddard to keep the secret & let him be the king, for their concern & if they couldn’t puppet him, they could raise the question of him not being the real son. Later, Littlefinger realised that Cersei could raise the question for the throne & it would complicate things, hence needs to be bribed.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Eddard Stark and Littlefinger

A little while later, Joffrey orders to see Eddard and come by in the coronation chamber where he sees Joffrey, Cersei, Littlefinger & Commander Jason Slynt & his small army of City Watch men waiting for him. He is then told that Renly has fled the city with a few officials leaving Eddard to figure out the situation on his own. Joffrey then orders for the ceremony of his coronation to start, but Eddard interrupts & passes the proclamation to Ser Barristan Selmy & asks him to read it out aloud. After the announcement, Cersei, snatching away the letter, tears it into pieces. Eddard & Ser Selmy shocked. Eddard reacted loud to imprison the Queen & his son, but for his astonishment none moved. The crowd present reacted opposite by killing all of Eddard’s bodyguards leaving him to stand alone. Eddard felt a knife around his neck n its Littlefinger, so while holding it he says- “I did warn you not to trust me!”

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis)-You Win Or You Die

The Game seems to now have begun as the Wall seems to be no more safe; raising the curtains from being a true son, Joffrey; Queen playing her moves, Cersei; some dreams not fulfilled & expectations not reached, Jon & Sam; one being the righteous King was betrayed by the word he was given of, Eddard; another Queen being attacked by the fear of her not taking over the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys; Khal King turning his decisions from riding a horse to running realm for his love for his wife, Drogo; betrayal of the trusted, Littlefinger. THE GAME OF THRONES!!!

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