Winter Is Coming – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

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Winter Is Coming

Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot Season 1, Episode 1 

 Episode Name: Winter Is Coming

 Air Date: April 17, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song Of Ice and Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

 Directed By: Tim Van Patten

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Review & Plot – Winter Is Coming

The first episode of HBO’s new series will simply take your breath away…! Right from the spine chilling start  that makes you gape in wonder to the extensively detailed sets which take you years back into the eras of kings and queens and warriors and victims, this new series definitely has a lot to offer to the audience.

Every character of the book has been exhaustively studied and portrayed with utmost honesty. To add to that, the music and background scores completely absorbs you into the unpredictable twists and turns of the story. And just when you think, that this series might be yet another boring fight for power, GOT takes you to a much deeper and complicated plot where several stories converge into one focal point. The stories of the various Houses not only depict a whole new world in themselves but also create an amazing new sphere of events when inter-linked with each other. You end up liking and disliking several characters in the first episode itself. No character has a clear indication of being good or bad as every good eventually turns into a shade of bad and every bad suddenly shows a sign of kindness.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Synopsis

The first episode leaves you with a wide variety of mixed emotions. At once, you are admiring the skills of the members of the Stark family while at the other you are sympathizing with their helpless submissiveness towards the throne. You find yourself pitying the innocence of Daenerys while also hopefully looking forward to her new journey. The hateful stare of Catelyn towards Jon, the contrast between Stark sisters,  the intelligence of the lust driven, cynical imp; there are many such instances in the episode that leaves you with unanswered questions. By the end of the episode, you are completely overthrown of all your predictions as dark secrets and ugly truths unveil themselves. The extent to which the characters would go to keep themselves in this chase for power, constantly keeps you at the edge of the seat. In many a ways, this first episode of the new series breaks the shackles of orthodox era shows and completely makes you a part of this journey filled with bloodshed, betrayal and melodrama balanced out with beauty, love and loyalty.

The first episode subtly indicates that every character in this show holds an equal importance to the story. Every character has his own sinister agenda that changes the broader game of thrones every minute. With gruesome violence and passionate love making, this story is definitely going to tingle your every bit for more action and drama.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Winter Is Coming Trailer

The episode is also a treat for all the fans out there because of the effortless acting of each and every artist in the show. The amazing visual and sound effects only further engrosses you into the plot. Also, the amazing detailing of the sets and every element in it deserves a repetition of applause. All in all, this first episode has definitely left us with great expectations and one cannot wait to watch the next turn of events in this game of thrones!

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Summary (Synopsis)

This new HBO series opens amidst an icy cold setting where three rangers of the Night’s Watch step beyond The Wall only to find themselves surrounded by eerie creatures. Two of them are brutally killed by the white walkers while the third, Will, loses his sanity.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Winter Is Coming

The plot then takes us to the stone castles of Winterfell where Lord Eddard Stark and his wife, Lady Catelyn watch their youngest son, Bran struggle at archery training. He is accompanied by his eldest brother, Rob Stark and Eddard’s bastard son, Jon Snow. Mean while the daughters, Sansa Stark and younger one, Arya Stark, receive lessons on feminine skills, both poles apart from each other. Eddard is informed about the mad deserter(Will) of the Nights Watch whom he has to execute as per the law.

A nervous Bran, who is witnessing an execution for the first time, watches his father behead the deserter in a clean stroke. On the way back to the castle, the party comes across a family of dire wolves and after a lot of persuasion, Lord Eddard agrees to let Bran bring the pups back home, one for each of the Stark children. Jon finds a pup for himself too.

In King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and seat of King Robert Baratheon, Queen Cersie and her twin brother, Jamie Lannister, discuss the death of Lord Jon Arryn, the hand of the King and husband of Lady Lysa, Catelyn’s sister . A letter from the raven informs Winterfell about Arryn’s death and King Robert’s visit to Winterfell . Preparations to welcome the King’s party begins in full swing.

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Soon, the majestic party enters the gates of Winterfell and is greeted by the House Stark. Robert immediately heads for the crypt to pay respect to Layannah Stark, Eddard’s sister and Robert’s one true love. Here, Robert offers Eddard the position of the Hand of the King and declares the marriage of his son, Joffrey, with Sansa. Meanwhile Jamie Lannister finds his imp brother, Tyrion, in a brothel and warns him to not be late for the royal feast later that day. In the grand feast, Catelyn and Cersie exchange cordial words while an excited Sansa feels coy as Joffrey looks at her romantically. Outside the feast, Jon is delighted to meet his uncle, Benjen Stark, First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, and requests him to take him back to the Wall with him. Later, Tyrion Lannister arrives and offends Jon by calling him a bastard while also saying that “all imps are bastards in their father’s eyes”.

The set shifts to Pentos, across the narrow sea, where Visery’s Targaryen, the only surviving heir of the Targaryen family, prepares to trade his innocent sister, Daenerys, with the Dothrakis in hope of becoming the King of the Seven Kingdoms. In a barbaric ceremony , Daenerys is married to Drago Khal and gifted three dragon eggs by the Magister. The new Khaleesi, Dothraki queen, then rides off with the rest of Dothraki party.

Winter Is Coming Trailer

Back in Winterfell, Eddard and Catelyn receive a letter from Lady Lysa revealing her suspicion of Lannister involvement in her husband’s death. At the persuasion of Catelyn, Eddard agrees to become the Hand of the King to investigate further into the matter. The next morning Eddard and Robert go for a hunting trip while Bran indulges in his usual hobby of climbing towers. On his way up a broken tower, he hears strange noises and finds the Queen and his brother engaged in a sexual act. To keep their secret safe, Jamie pushes Bran off the tower while saying, “The things i do for Love”.

Winter Is Coming Trailer

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