Valar Morghulis – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10

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Valar Morghulis – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Season 2, Episode 10

 Episode Name: Valar Morghulis

 Air Date: June 3, 2012

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

 Directed By: Alan Taylor

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Review & Plot – Valar Morghulis

After the Battle of the Valar Morghulis is over and Tyrion wakes up from the sleep while he went unconscious during the war due to the injury, now understanding that he has lost all his royal authority and positions which he holds, as Varys tells him tells him that is no longer would serves as the Hand of the Kings, as that positions is now has been taken by his father Tywin Lannister, next is Bronn who has also been removed of his place of being the gold cloaks, but while leaving Varys greets his thanks for standing strong and leading relentless in the battle. Upon advising Tyrion by Shae about going along with her to Pentos, is also been refused by him.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Summary (Synopsis

The victory in the central throne chamber is been called for rewarding those who served the king in the best possible way in the battle, to which Tywin is made his Hand of the King, also the Savior of the City. For coming up with an idea and help join hands to form allies between House Lannister and House Tyrell due to which the war was succeeded and Littlefinger being the reason behind this attempt he came to be awarded as the Harrenhal. As for the tie-up that has formed between the two houses Loras Tyrell from House Tyrell wasn’t now that King Joffrey marries his sister Margaery Tyrell. Although Sansa Stark whom Joffrey was suppose to marry as for the promise took place between Robert and Stark, and the house stark who aren’t trustworthy, Cersei advices that he should look forwards to marry Margaery then Sansa Stark, to which he agree. Hearing this one particular news Sansa feels that she would be free but Littlefinger makes her realize that Joffrey wouldn’t be letting her, but that he himself would help her escape sometime when gets a chance.

With the disastrous defeat in the battle of Valar Morghulis, Stannis Baratheon is forced to get back to Dragonstone with a depriving failure and blames Melisandre for not warning him about the defeat the was approaching him as she has got the ability to vision herself the future. She upon this lets Stannis know that the Lord of Light let her take or show her only the glimpses and then advices him the just because he has had a small defeat, he cannot call off the war. While having a disbelieve on her for the moment in that anger of loss Stannis holds Melisandre through her neck blaming that her skills are fragile. Melisandre while being strangled by Stannis lets him know that he the chosen one by his vary lord and that his betrayal towards his family, his own man, also the belief is going to worth as he will rise up to be the King. During this moment as Stannis would not completely believe her of her sayings, Melisandre makes him looking into a place of brazier, into which Stannis gets some visions which ultimately bring him to believe her powers to be having the true potential.

On the other side at the Westerlands, Catelyn Stark is told by her son Robb of Talisa and his love affair and that they would like to get marry with each other. listening to this Catelyn bring reminds him of the promise that has been made to have Robb Stark marry with the daughter of House Frey and if not then they would have to be facing some dreadful consequences. Catelyn also lets him known that marrying your betrothed will ultimately make him fall in with her gradually and that the same thing took place between her and his father.  Regardless to his mother’s advice, he manages to merry Talisa secretly when the dark falls.

While on their course in the east side traveling to the King’s Landing both Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth come across three dead bodies of women, hanged to the bark of the tree by the vary soldiers of Stark house as the punishment been provided to them for sleeping with the Lannister soldier. Soon while they still wonder about these bodies the stark soldiers return to the place and finds Brienne and Jaime together and then suddenly realizing that it is Jaime Lannister, they attempt to attack on them but all these soldiers are taken down by Brienne through her skills of combat fight. Impressed with her Jaime realizing she has killed her own man belonging to the Starks House she clarifies that she serves Catelyn Stark and has got nothing to do with the whole House Stark.

Valar Morghulis Official Video

As planned Ramsey Bolton, the bastard son of Roose Bolton, as commanded by him has encircled and looking to talk Theon Greyjoy and his army of very few people to be taken down, who after given the warning still happen to be here in Winterfell. Maester Luwin makes Theon an offer to turn himself down and become part of the Night’s Watch army. Disagreeing to him he still decides to assemble his bunch of soldier for an attack but as it happens that they would be betraying him, they does the same and Dagmer himself knocks him out, also he stabs Luwin as he try to intervene. Theon is then all hurt is packed up to be sent to the Bolton’s Army.

After the very moment of Luwin being stabbed he is been discovered by Osha, Bran, Rickon and Hodor in the godswood as they moved out of their hideout while seeing the castle burn. Still dying Luwin advices them to get moving towards the North as Jon would be able to help them up get into a secure place and that the south is no more safe for their lives due to enemies that might surround them up and finally orders Osha to bring him to a quick death by killing him off.

This side as Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie has escaped and getting away from the Harrenhal, they come across Jaqen H’ghar as a plan to meet them up in their way, who their bring Arya an offer to carry on with him to Braavos, as she could get trained to sharpen her skills of killings, through combat and sword fights, which ultimately would help her in eliminating the people who are there on her list of kills. But she refuses as she tells him that she would rather like to get back to her family as soon as possible. So before Jaqen would leave he provides Arya with an iron coin, which read the word, “Valar Morghulis”, also tells her that to find any many from Braavos she could speak to any men through this, providing so he leaves.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Review & Plot – Valar Morghulis

Entering the House of Undying, Daenerys Targaryen separated from Kovarro and Jorah magically and come across a room with a circular architecture with number of doors, entering one she come across a devastating vision of totally insolvent Throne room that too in snow and with no nature of coming across the Iron Throne which she can have she turn away from it and then walking through the gate all of it simmered in snow of the Wall, she appears into the tent of Khal Drogo, finding Khal holding their unborn child Rhaego, wondering about them being in whose dream. She leaves the tent and returns to the room again only to realize that all the three dragons of her are been chained to a pillar foundation. Pyat Pree magically appears in the room also chaining Daenerys, who is not at all conscious or hesitant of her situation, but very soothingly utters the word, “Dracarys” repetitively and finally all her three dragon using their powers unleashes the fire they posses upon Pyat Pree, burning him up completely to death.

Known by Daenerys about the betrayal that Xaro did to her, she gets back to Xaro’s palace finding him alongside Doreah sleeping together, they both are put inside an empty vault locked up until they die. As Daenerys has already save a enough from the Xaro’s household, she buys a ship and orders Jorah to order Dothraki to go upon seizing all the jewelry, the gold and everything that belong to Xaro, as Daenerys watching all of this happening alongside her three dragons with sheer proud.

Both Jon Snow and Qhorin Halfhand takes as captive of the Lord of Bones are been taken to the Mance Rayder’s camp of the King Beyond the Wall, this is when Qhorin realizes that if taken together they would definitely be killed and so he comes up with a plan in which he would have no choice but to sacrifice himself and so to unleash this plan as make him part of the wilding, he play according to his plan to betray Jon by taking him own captors sword to kill Jon, talking a look at this the Lord of Bones allow their fight to continue, where Ygritte provides Jon with his own sword, enraging him so that he would attack harshly, Qhorin make comment over his parenting, this burns Jon from inside and he that he make a firm and killing attack upon Qhorin, but exactly before he does that Qhorin coming closer to him tells him that, “We are the Watchers on the Wall” a kind of an sign to notify him that their mission is still on and that he has to keep on doing the right thing of removing the necessary information about these Wildings, hence killed in front of the Wilding by Jon, and impressed with his instant actions he is released by the Lord of Bones, now that Jon is set free and as Ygritte accompanies her she decides to show him around the wildings, also promising that she bring him across their King soon.

Valar Morghulis – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Review  Summary

While Sam, Grenn and Edd move where looking for fuel at the Fist of the First Men, the sound of the three horn blast is aroused form somewhere which in actual being the warning that the White Walkers approaches, all three try to run towards the Fist, but due to the storm wind blowing all around Sam is left behind and takes a look at the huge horde of Wights and the White Walkers approaching towards the Fist, raising up their blade of ice attached to their spear. Sam hides behind a rock as this huge White Walker horde in like hundreds make their way to the Fist of the First Men.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Summary (Synopsis) – Valar Morghulis

Standing up as the real man on the war ground, Tyrion awakes with losing his position, Joffrey rewards all but seemingly ignores to mention Tyrion’s input. Theon is betrayed by his own man. Arya is offered with something very special to go on with, as she decides to get back to her family. Daenerys gets stronger as she approaches the House of the Undead and receives back what’s her, Qhorin helps Jon at a point of sacrificing something so important. Finally the Fist of the First Man would see the Walkers coming.

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