The Pointy End- Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8

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The Pointy End
The Pointy End- Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Review Summery Season 1, Episode 8

 Episode Name: The Pointy End

 Air Date: June 5, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: George R. R. Martin

 Directed By: Daniel Minahan

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Review & Plot – The Pointy End

The corridors are filled with voices of Stark’s soldiers struggling to battle their ways against the army of Lannisters lead by Sandor Clegane. Stark sisters Sansa & Septa Mordane, thus hearing the voices, alert themselves, & Septa ordered Sansa to go to her chambers & key the door while she waited for her fight for survival from the capture. Sansa, saving her way out through the corridor, is barred by Hound. When asked by her to clear her path, stands in denial then capturing her.

For in the other scene, Lannister’s men accompanied by Ser Meryn Trant from Kingsguard enter the studio of Arya & Syrio Forel. Interrupting the practise session, they call out for Arya to be taken to her father. Inquisitive about the arrival of Lannister army, Syrio with his wooden Braavos sword manipulates the men’s arms. Whilst in the trial for the same with Trant, his sword gives up with just a blow. Realizing the fact, he orders Arya to flee away.

The Pointy End- Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8

Arya, reaching the stable finds her men, waiting for them with the luggage to flee towards Winterfell, cold. Realising the danger, she caught hold of her sword, Needle, kept underneath her bag. A huge stable boy then tries to get hold of her, but to her surprise, in a fraction of second she finds her sword in his stomach & she flees away.

Varys returns & visits where Eddard is imprisoned. He feels sad for Eddard trusted Littlefinger over him, in spite of his warning about Cersei. He tells him the news of Tyrion Lannister no more being a captive, hence not a trade for his freedom. When asked by him to be killed, Varys, with a flat face, refuses. The curious Lord asks him about whom he interns, on which he receives a reply but an unclear one, which it being in the realm.

On the other side at the Wall, Jon receives the news of Eddard’s capture. Alliser Throne, to add on to his anger, taunts him for his betrayer father. Jon loses all his control & tries to threaten him with his knife. For his behaviour he is then called upon by the Lord Commander, who warns him & asks him to put some sense into his actions. Beforehand, in search of Benjen Stark, the bodies found were surprisingly not smelling or decayed, as noticed by Samwell Tarly. When suggested by the Sworn Brothers to burn the bodies, Lord Commander declines it, feeling the need for examination by Maester Aemon.

While, Sansa pleads for her father’s rescue, the queen expects her mother Catelyn & her brother Robb to accept the new King, Joffrey & fall under him.

When Robb reads the letter, he becomes furious. Maester Luwin calms him down by explaining him the manipulation of Cersei, clear in the letter. Therefore, he decides to awaken his bannermen in the North to be ready for a fight for his father, Lord Eddard. Meanwhile, when Lady Catelyn sends out a letter to her sister Lady Lysa Arryn for her help with knights of the Vale of Arryn, she in return receives a declination as she doesn’t want to risk her son’s life, raging a stream of anger in her.

In the meanwhile, when Tyrion was revolving back with his companion sellsword Bronn assuring him that to choose him was a wise decision, further they are attack by a group of hill-tribal’s which were being headed by a man named Shaggy. The leader ordered to kill the two, but Tyrion somehow managed to save the both in return of a huge bait of weapons against their enemies & gold & even the control over the Vale of Arryn. After the long pep talk, they finally agreed & set on the journey westwards with the two where the Lannister armies were supposed to be gathering.

The Pointy End Official Trailer

At night, when Jon Snow follows Ghost because of his scratching & moaning at the Lord’s door, he finds out one of the dead bodies, breathing a new life into a Wight, tries to kill the Lord. He trying to save the lord, attacks with his sword blows, but fails. He then throws the lantern carried by the Lord at him, burning him down.

While storming for the ‘Iron Throne’ as stated by the Dothraki King, towards the Northern sea, they raid a peaceful village of sheep-herders in Lazhar, in Essos, as they would use the slaves from the village to trade & thereby creating their ways with the funds raised. The raid, by their means, was burning up the villages, killing & raping women. When Daenerys saw this was shocked, but Ser Jorah tried to explain her, the scene. She, hearing a woman’s cry, ordered that the women of the village must not be harmed. Hearing this, the Dothraki got angry & took the complaint to the King, Drogo. But Drogo, finding Daenerys way of fierce speaking impressive, asks them to follow. As one of the Dothraki, Mago with a black eye, refuses & calls him a slave. Drogo raging back at the Dothraki kills him by cutting off his throat, publically. While in the fight, Drogo gets injured with a big cut on his chest, which he refers to as a scratch, when asked by Daenerys. But she pleaded him, for her slave Mirri Maz Dur, to treat him. The Dothraki King makes fun of her name by calling her Maegi- a witch, but agrees.

While in Winterfell, Robb with his fellow bannermen, arrived, were enjoying the feast hosted for them & discussing their plans for the attack. But one of them, Greatjon Umber, is unhappy because he was not leading the army. Therefore, he rises in rebellion with a sword, when Robb does not fulfil his request but was threatened to capture his kingdom itself. But as for raising his ego towards the Lord, his dire wolf, Grey Wind, pounces on him, biting his two fingers off. When Greatjon regains his stand, Robb though not of the age but proves his point of being the liege one & Robb in a facetious manner speaks of Greatjon just trying to get his meat cut. Everybody on the table laughs out loud & so does Greatjon, thus agreeing to his legitimate plans. Robb then bids goodbye to the oldest Stark left in Winterfell, Bran & the army is set for the journey.

The very after sunrise, Brann praying to the ‘Old Gods of the Forest’ is interrupted by Osha, the wilding, saying that the wildings also pray to the same Gods. This was a fact indeed as those bodies found in the woods were certainly the “White Walkers”, mentioned in the book that Sam finds out in Maester Aemon’s library. Those bodies were then burnt in the Castle Black, but the fear of them coming back was a firm. While in the conversation of the danger in the North & that in the South the Weirwoods are cut losing their touch, Hodor interrupts by coming to them after his bath. It slips of his mind to put some clothes on, while Osha makes a mature comment that he must be having a sign of giant blood running in him. Bran asks him to leave. She asserts to the fact that the danger exceeds beyond the Wall & states that the army is heading the wrong direction as the ice is thinner towards the north.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Summary (Synopsis) – The Pointy End

In the journey towards the South, Robb’s army meets Lady Catelyn & Ser Rodrick Cassel. Catelyn is in deep sentiment to see her son but she understands the seriousness of the situation. She reminds Robb of how important it is for them to win this war, for his father Eddard, & kin Sansa & Arya. Later his strategies lead to crossing the river Trident & convincing the Lord Walder Frey, what he is not sure of.

Tyrion with Bronn & the hill tribes arrive at the base camp held by the Lannister to hold back the Stark army heading towards them. Tyrion reaches for his father explaining him about the fulfilment of the needs of the tribes & their leader Shagga, which he approves of. Shagga later agrees to fight with them until Tyrion is fighting along. Not so excited about the fact, Tyrion agrees.

Alongside, in the camping site of Robb’s army at the Neck, their strategies are debated on for a direct call of attack on the Lannister of by the route of Jaime’s Riverrun, congregating it. Even for this task to reach Jaime, they had to cross the Green Fork of the Trident, only at the Twins. Though the plan is being made, one of the Lannister’s Soldiers is captured & a letter of their death walking towards is sent.

At the King’s Landing, the newly crowned King Joffrey is laying orders for his new chiefs by making Commander of the City Watch, the Lord of Harrenhal; Tywin Lannister is then Hand of the King. Cersei then orders, Ser Barristan Selmy to be dismissed as the Lord Commander of the king, Joffrey, stating that he couldn’t save the king before & assigns it to Jaime Lannister. Felt with grief & insult, Selmy without having control over his anger, throws off his sword & armour on the King’s feet & walks out of the court. As to add on to his anger, he is given a small castle & a land considering his service in the past which he considers as dishonour & refuses.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Review & Plot – The Pointy End

Later, Sansa asks him to leave her father as he made a mistake & if Joffrey has even a bit of affection left for her. Joffrey feels for her, but tells her that he can’t show mercy to his father until he agrees for him being the legitimate king & bow down to him. The concerned Sansa agrees & assures him.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 Summary (Synopsis) – The Pointy End

It seems as the war is just begun, but the fate is constant. The Lannister’s are trying to conquer the kingdom while the Starks are fighting for their relations. The Wall seems no more the barrier, as one can stop the living but what about the dead? Someone else has a different plan to rule too, the Dothraki moves in the direction of victory. Everyone is united in their pack, for the ‘War of the Rule’, chasing the height, but no one faces an eye to the deep valleys below though…

The Pointy End Official Trailer

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