The North Remembers – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1

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The North Remembers

The North Remembers – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Season 2, Episode 1

 Episode Name: The North Remembers

 Air Date: April 1, 2012

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

 Directed By: Alan Taylor

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Plot – The North Remembers

The Night’s Watch army marches towards the North to fight their enemies before they reach them & beyond. On their way they find many wilding villages deserted. They reach a village where they found a wilding named Craster & decided to ask them for a stay for that night. Craster was a man, who lived with a lot of women, from which some were his own daughters who gave him more daughters & no sons. Jon was confused what he did with his sons. Lord Commander approaches Craster to trade steel & wine for shelter. But, Jon gets angry, when he addresses them as Southern & argues with Craster. Then Lord Commissioner explains him that he might be rude to them, but they could acquire help from him in later times & he also has the information which they need. He would be a very good leader but sometimes he should learn to listen.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Summary (Synopsis) – The North Remembers

In the King’s Landing, King Joffrey Baratheon holds a tournament among his men to celebrate his nameday. He orders his knights to fight till death decides the winner. While the fight, Sandor Clegane after his fight with one of the defenders, is waiting for his next opponent. Ser Dontos Hollard when arrives the field, he was drunk. Seeing this, made Joffrey angry & asked to punish him by pouring a whole drunk into the funnel & force him to drink it. Sansa tries to stop him by telling it would be a bad omen. But he ignores it. She then asks him to make him a court fool instead & he accepts it considering a better decision. The entry of Tyrion Lannister at that time, made everyone standstill, but making Tommen & Mycrella happy seeing him still alive.

A small council was held by Tyrion, where he presents his father’s letter of appointing him as the Hand of the King in Tywin’s absence. He wants them to realise that it’s now time for action. Cersei gets furious about him being among the high authorities. But, he then taunts her about the past incidences & mistakes being done in spite of her being there.  She doesn’t seem capable of handling the King by giving proper advices. After losing Arya, they can’t afford to make more mistakes. He tells her that if they could have not made such mistakes, they would have had three of the Starks as hostages, making them stronger. This made the rest of the council sit frozen. The dwarf manages to hide the prostitute, Shea in his chambers, as his father had asked him not to. The lady seems to be thrilled by the word breaking act, hiding.

Bran, at Winterfell, as advised by Maester Luwin & complains by his bannermen of taking their men to the south, assumes himself to be the one who should rule being the eldest. But, Bran seems to be disturbed by his dream. Bran, in his dream, was walking down the Godswood while a red comet looms in the sky. What break his dream is, when he sees the reflection of his face in the pool, is of his dire wolf, Summer. When the next day, he along with Osha & Hodor he visits the pool, he sees his own reflection, while Osha tells him that there are various meanings of seeing a red comet & one of them is Dragons.

The North Remembers – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Review Summery

Near the narrow sea, as decided for the rest of the khalsar, Daenerys decides to move to the Red Waste to protect them from her enemies as suggested by Ser Jorah. But, the Red Waste is a deserted area, where there are no civilizations for help. She fed her dragons, some of the meat she had but her khalsar were starving. Her first gift from her Khal, Drogo, Silver, starved to death & fell on the ground. She realising the importance of the situation, sends her three bloodriders in search of food & shelter.

On the island of Dragonstone, King Stannis Baratheon wants Melisandre, his advisor, to burn the Faith of the Seven statues, as a sign of him being the greatest, giving him enough faith & power, in his belief. The people watch the statues burn in huge flames, as the King stabs them one by one with his flamed sword, the one they are being worshipping since ages. Maester Cressen gets really angry & asks Davos Seaworth to help him, as he thinks Cressen is leading him into the wrong path which would be of a great risk for him. But, Davos denies as he thinks this is not the right time. According to Stannis, Melisandre will lead his path to the throne as he is the one worthy of it.

Stannis receives a letter from Eddard Stark, informing him that he is the true heir of the realm & not Joffrey, as Cersei & Joffrey have their game played. He was going to send letters to all Lords informing about it. Stannis rejects Davos’s offer of joining hands with Renly, his brother as he would now try to claim the throne. He thinks of Renly having support from even Robb, as Robb only wishes for a Northern independence. This makes Stannis more concerned about Robb not stealing his kingdom portions. While in his attempts, Cressen also tries to poison Melisandre, but to gain her trust for it, he drinks from the cup first. Davos tries to stop him. But, as Cressen dies unsettling, she had nothing changed in her, though emptying it.

The North Remembers Official Trailer

In the encampment area, Robb receives the letter & interrogates Jamie with his Direwolf, Greywind, who is now fully grown & asks him about the incident where he pushed Brann. But, Jamie has his mouth shut, without any answer for that. In return, he questions Robb’s men’s trust, as he is kept aloof with one of his bannermen. But Robb assures his trust on them.

Robb then sends Alton Lannister to King’s Landing, sending a letter to King on peace terms. He knows that the king would definitely not approve of it, but jus making an attempt of not underestimating his powers. He then visits his mother to consult. She asks him to trade Jamie for his sisters & his father’s body & the rest who served him. But, both realise of taking up the risk for this, thus dropping the decision. He also tells her about his meeting with Theon Greyjoy & that they should approach Balon Greyjoy, as he can help them with his ships & he also was awaiting a war. But, she refuses as she knows that he is a rebellious person. Robb has his mind set about the war, so he asks her to move south & seek Renly Baratheons hand for help as their resort.

Meanwhile in the king’s Landing, Joffrey redecorates his throne room, intimidated by the Targaryen rule of their times. Cersei then enters the room & asks him if they could seek help of Tywin Lannister to search for Arya & trade both the sisters for Jamie. He doesn’t find searching for Arya important & already blames Tywin for the losses & capture of Jamie. He then questions her about the rumours of his parentage, while she denies of it, stating it as an enemy act. He also questions her about his father’s children outside marriage & accuses her of being slept with Robert, his father thus losing interest in her. She filled with anger, slaps him on his face. He finds this extremely insulting & warns her. She realises the mistake she did, while he terrorises her of death.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Plot – The North Remembers

At the Littlefinger’s brothel, some gold clocks enter & Janos Slynt kill an infant in front of her mother & prostitute Ros, as they were killing the bastards of Robert. They ask forcefully to Tobho Mott, a smith, about a boy named Gendry by scaring him over his furnace. Mott speaks out that Gendry has left to the Castle Black as the recruits of the Night’s Watch. He is travelling along with Yoren & with Arya disguised as a boy.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Summary (Synopsis) – The North Remembers

The King celebrates his Nameday by having tournaments while is proud of his throne & doing. The dwarf returns back with a responsibility. The Lannister & the Starks seem to strategize their war tactics. Daenerys clears her paths with her Bloodriders though facing challenges. Brann dreams the upcoming danger. The Northern army has just started the journey. The throne has been claimed, but the opponents seem to not lose their hope, the Baratheon’s. The trade of the prisoners may turn the dice. The pause is too calm… the thunder is about to burst!

The North Remembers Official Trailer

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