The lion And The Rose – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

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The lion Amd The Rose – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Season 4, Episode 2

 Episode Name: The Lion and the Rose

 Air Date: April 13, 2014

 Based On: A Song of Ice and Fire

 Written By: George R. R. Martin

 Directed By: Alex Graves

Game of Thorns Season 4 Episode 2 Review and Plot- The lion And The Rose

Ramsay Snow very barbarously explores a young girl with his servant Reek (Theon Greyjoy) and his bedwarmer Myranda. When Roose Balton, Ramsay’s father enters the Dreadfort with his newlywed wife Walda, he ushers him to see Reek for which he is scolded by Roose for tormenting him. Roose had in mind to exchange Reek for Moat Cailin, who acts like a barricade in stopping the Bolton army from coming back to North, which affected Roose and his army to smuggle back to their keep. To show how he broke Reek, he asks him to shave his face. While doing, Ramsey allures Reek to accept that Both Bran and Rickon Stark are alive, but he is not able to find them so he burnt two farm boys in place of them in Winterfell.

Game of Thorns Season 4 Episode 2 Review and Plot- The lion And The Rose

Ramsay also tries to allure Reek that Roose killed Robb Stark, who was like a brother to Theon. But still, controlling his anger, Reek shaves properly without any injuries just to keep his trust. Roose in a hurry asks Locke to find and murder Bran and Rickon, because they are live they are a big threat to his position of Warden of North. Ramsey also asks them to find and kill Jon Snow who is having blood relations with Stark and also might stand against the Boltons. Roose also tells him to grab Moat Cailin. If he did so he will award Ramsay as a true Bolton.

Bran who was using his warg’s ability sees through the eyes of Summer, his direwolf and murders a doe. He wakes up the voice of Hodor, when he remembers that he is told by Jojen and Meera that spending too much time as Summer can cut his connection with his human body. After they stopped at a weirwood, Bran watches something disturbing. He saw the three-eyed raven, his father and that dragons are flying all over the King’s Landing.  And one most disturbing thing he sees that his paralyzing accident at Winterfell. In his dream, he clearly hears that,” Look for me, beneath the tree in north.” Bran who is literally disturbed by this particular moment, so wants everyone to come with him as he knew where to go.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Summary (Synopsis)- The lion And The Rose

Melisandre asks several of Stannis Baratheon’s people who are burnt at the stake which also included Ser Axcell Florent brother of Lady Selyse as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. Stannis angrily defends his daughter when his wife Selyse expresses some disappointment towards her. This happens when Stannis, his wife Selyse and Melisandre gathers for a dinner at night. When they finish their dinner, Melisandre goes to Shireen, Stannis and Selyse’s daughter, and tells her what Lord of Light is and there is nothing like Seven Gods. Despite being very young and the life she has, she talks with Melisandre with a lot of conjecture and talks to her attentively.

Jaime tells Tyrion that he is embarrassed because of his lost hand. Tyrion tries to encourage him and arranges Bronn to teach him sword with the left hand with some fees. While going to breakfast, Lord Varys tell Tyrion that Queen knows everything about Shae and she is going to tell their father, Tywin. Tywin and Lord Mace Tyrell gifts King Joffrey with a very large and beautiful goblet, whereas Tyrion present him a very rare book and the Valyrian steel sword. Joffrey use that book to slice through that very large and rare book. Tyrion tries really hard so that Shae could leave but she leaves only when Tyrion claims that he cannot love a whore. Bronn takes her to the ship and stands there till the boat did not start sailing to Essos and informs Tyrion that she left, and now he is safe.

The lion And The Rose Trailer

After the wedding, Lady Olenna tells Tywin about the debt of Crown he had in the Bank of Braavos. Jaime tries to threaten Ser Loras Tyrell by saying that he will marry Cersei, she might murder him in his sleep, and he replies that he know about their lewd relationship. Brienne of Tarth meets Cersei and abuses her telling that she is in love with Jaime. Margaery orders that the food that will be left should be given to the city’s poor people to gain more respect. Cersei angrily tells Grand Maester Pycelle that she will murder him if he does not leave the wedding feast and order others to give the left overs to the royal people. Tywin and Cersei meet Prince Oberyn and his admirer Ellaria Sand. They all have a very angry conversation in which taunts are fired at each other and everyone is insulted, when Oberyn admonish that Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella is held captive in Dorne.

The whole event is disturbed by Joffrey when he shows a play of dwarves showing the War of Five Kings. Some enjoyed it but other finds it abhorrent. Loras leaves angrily when his affair with Renly Baratheon is showed in a very pathetic manner. Tyrion becomes furious. Sansa is at the verge of crying when her brother, Robb is depicted in it, which recently died. Joffrey tries to humiliate Tyrion by asking him to involve in his play but Tyrion asks him to show his ability with the sword. He kicks the goblet given by Tywin showing him the aggression.

Afterwards, Tyrion fills the goblet and give it to Joffrey who was asking his uncle to bow to him. But Tyrion goes aggressive. Margaery do not pay attention to these things having total concentration towards the wedding pie. He eats the cake which Margaery gave him and drinks the wine given by Tyrion and suddenly he began choking.

The lion Amd The Rose – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Review Summary

While this thing asked gathered everyone’s attention, Sansa succeeds in fleeing with the court fool Dontos. Lady Olenna asks everyone to hold the king and it became evident that Joffrey has been poisoned. While he is counting his last breath, he point towards Tyrion who is inspecting the goblet. Angered with the sudden death, Cersei urges to arrest Tyrion on charges of killing Joffrey.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Summary (Synopsis)- The lion And The Rose

Roose orders Ramsay to kill Jon Snow who is having blood relations with the Starks and he might stand against the Boltons. Roose also tells Ramsey that if he did so, he will be awarded as a true Bolton. Bran sees a lot of weird dreams due to which he is disturbed. He urges everyone that he knows the way so ask everyone to come with him. Melisandre talks to Shireen, the daughter of Stannis and Selyse, and notices that in spite of her tender age and lifestyle, she is talking very cautiously to her with all attention. Tyrion succeeds in sending Shae to Essos. Joffrey disturbs everyone with the dwarves play and ends up dying. He claimed to be poisoned by something. Seeing this, Cersei asks Tyrion to get arrested.

The lion And The Rose Trailer

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