The Dance of Dragons – Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9

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The Dance of Dragons – Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Season 5, Episode 9

 Episode Name: The Dance of Dragons

 Air Date: June 7, 2015

 Based On:  A Song of Ice and Fire

 Written By: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

 Directed By: David Nutter

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Review & Plot- The Dance of Dragons

Arya still in veil of an oyster vendor keeps the mission going which is given to her by Jaqen to assassinate the Thin Man by poisoning him. As she is on her way to her target, she notices Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant entering the harbor to transact payment terms with the Iron Bank. Arya after seeing Trant ignores her aim and starts following Mace and Trant into the city. After sometime, she tracks Trant in a brothel. She finds out that Trant is sexually attracted to the girls who just reach their puberty. After coming back to Jaqen, Arya tells him that the Thin Man was not famish and so he did not ate her oysters and tells him that she will try again the next day. Jaqen allows this but it did not become clear whether he believed her or not.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Review & Plot- The Dance of Dragons

 Jon and Tormund come back to the Wall, with the survived Night’s Watch and wildlings from Hardhome. They then reach the gate, where Ser Alliser with a sheer disagreement on his face still asks to open the gate. Jon thinks that his mission was a total failure, though Sam tells him that he has saved the lives of thousands of wildlings that might have brutally murdered by the White Walkers. Jon also knew that many of his Night’s Watch brothers are not happy with the wildlings being past the Wall, and Alliser admonishes him that his compassion might kill them all.

Ramsay and his 20 men succeed in entering and vandalize the supplies of Stannis by flaming them into ashes, at the Stannis’ camp. With no supplies, Stannis realize that his army won’t survive the winter. Davos asks them to return back to the Castle Black, but Stannis don’t agree to return back. He arranges for Davos to go back to the Castle Black to demand more supplies and reinforcements in return for Stannis fully attempting to defend the Wall with troops. Stannis allows Melisandre to ablaze his daughter Shireen as a sacrifice, to please the red god, who will then change the fortunes. As Shireen screams for her parents, Selyse firstly being supportive in Stannis’s decision, has a change of heart by seeing her daughter in flames and she try to stop the ceremony but she can’t do anything. And sees her child burnt alive.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis)- The Dance of Dragons

Doran Martell asks Jaime to bring before him to explain about his actions. When brought before him, Jaime tells them that he was sent to save and bring Mycrella due to a cautionary message received from Dorne. Doran quickly finds out that Ellaria was behind this and asks him for apology. To avoid a battle with the Lannisters, Doran tries to deal with Jaime. He tells Jaime that he will be freed and Mycrella will to King’s Landing and in return the Lannisters must allow Trystane to come with them as replacement of Oberyn on the Small Council. Trystane also asks to go him free under the condition that he should allow Hotah to knock him in the face to avenge for being knocked by Bronn before.

After the meeting, Doran in private meets Ellaria and shocks her with an ultimatum: be loyal to him or be executed. Ellaria tearfully oaths her loyalty in front of the Sand Snakes, and Doran admonishes her that this is her last chance and he won’t be giving her any more chances. Ellaria then rendezvous with Jaime and apologized him, telling him that it was neither his nor Mycrella’s fault that Oberyn was killed.

The Dance of Dragons Trailer

Daenerys with Tyrion, Missandei, Daario and Hizdahr witnesses the commencement of the fighting season in Daznak’s Pit. During the commencement of the second battle, one of the fighters exposes himself as Jorah. After successfully crushing the other fighters, Jorah suddenly picks up a spear and throws in the direction of the royal stage, murdering an assassin. Immediately, the Sons of Harpy assails the stadium, murdering many guards and spectators, and jabbing Hizdahr again and again. Daenerys and her crew try to flee, but the Sons of Harpy totally seals all the exit doors, leaving all the survivors surrounded and trapped in the center of the pit, in the fighting ring. Daenerys takes Missandei’s hand in her hand and slowly closes her eyes, which seemed like she knew the death is near, when suddenly the roars of the Drogon is heard. He burns many of the sons of the Harpy killing them brutally. Some succeed in fleeing from there.

The Dance of Dragons – Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Review Summary

A group of Sons tries to hurt Drogon and starts throwing spears at him, when suddenly Daenerys climbs on his neck and ask him to fly. The Sons of the Harpy rescue themselves as Drogon went to the sky with Daenerys, while the other just looks astonishingly flying her away.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis)- The Dance of Dragons

On the mission been assigned by Jaqen, Arya carry on in the veil of an oyster vendor to eliminate the Thin Man to death by poisoning him. From Hardhome returns Jon Snow, Tormund along with the Night’s Watch and the other surviving wilding to the Wall safely. At Stannis’s Army Camp, Ramsey along with his 20 men approaches with the intention to demolish all the possible supplies and also indulge in killing of his men’s by flaming them into ashes. Finally the fighting season at the Daznak’s Pit initiate with Daenerys, Daario, Tyrion, Missandei and Hizdahr being present at the moment to take a look at it. Daenerys dragon appears at the fighting pit killing of few son of harpies by flaming them off, he leaves with Daenerys on his back flying in the sky.

The Dance of Dragons Trailer

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