The Broken Man – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7

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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Epsiode 7 Review and Summary Season 6, Episode 7

 Episode Name: The Broken Man

 Air Date: June 5, 2016

 Written By: Bryan Cogman

 Directed By: Mark Mylod

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Review and Plot- The Broken Man

Well with title “The Broken Man” itself was a conclusive hint that only those who had been following the Book Series will know, that The Broken Man are someone who are the group of soldier that are outlawed for abandoning their lord and that it’s this one holy man “Septon” played by Ian McShane whose appearance on the episode has been a wait for a lot of the people who take great interest in watching him on screens, but in the show his screen time does not last very long.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Review and Recap

But offcorce the reason he has meant to appear came to be well established, as earlier been stated by McShane himself that he would be bringing quite a loved character back to the show and there we are as we come across “The Hound”, presently living a simple life with the other working class people lead by McShane, who also happened to save him and as the conversation between them takes place we know that McShane thinks Sandor Clegane would have died, but then comes the answer by him saying that it was “Hate” that has kept him alive and we see the talk grew more critical as they both debate over the different god of their world and their actions and looking upon the common once like them, which ultimately brings Hound to conclusion that he has been paid off for his sins by McShane.

Cutting off we see Margaery reading the Holy Scriptures and is paid a visit by High Sparrow who brining in the point about the duties she has towards the king, the country and her husband. Margaery being the transformed one makes Sparrow understands about how she desires nothing anymore but Sparrow makes it very clear that to keep that holy path carrying on into the realm the king would need an heir and also makes clear about her grandmother Lady Olenna a sinner still repents over a lot of her actions, which in actual words makes Olenna Tyrell the next target of Sparrow. Next we see Margaery having word with her grandmother but in the presence of Septa Unella where we see the true image of Margaery being playing the game in the most intelligent way to convince Sparrow that she has changed but not and she take this moment convey the message to Lady Olenna that she needs to leave the King’s Landing right away as Margaery hands her something secretly and makes a sign with her wide eyes that bother Loras Tyrell will be out.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Summary

Somewhere in the north Jon Snow along with Sansa and Davos among the free folks the Wildlings asks them to join them as into their battle, refusing to do so Tormund makes it clear that it was him who let them through the walls and even died and now it’s their turn to give back for his actions toward them. Both Jon and one of the Wildling join hands in the assurance that they would be fighting with them but that would be enough and would need more people, hence they move to ahead to seek more northerner. Next is we see Cersei walking up to Lady Olenna with Mountain to see her one an for all before Olenna leaves King’s Landing, but instead she insults Cersei for all the actions of her that have caused a lot of people a lot of scars by saying, “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met to certain age, but it’s hard to recall”, also making her realize that she is all alone and there nobody left to support her, but Cersei makes it very clear of herself that she won’t and there we see again the spark that lit up in her that she is not over anything yet and she ain’t giving in that easily.

From the field heading towards the Riverrun with the Lannister army, Jaime Lannister along with Bronn march ahead. Jaime once again has convinced Bronn to come to his support has he would be rewarding him with a kingship and a lot of other thing which kind of gets carried in humor but then as they walk down the alley of the tents of the Frey’s man, just to see a setup been made to hang Lord Edmure as they call out for Blackfish if he doesn’t give in on the castle but with a careless approach Blackfish advices them to carry on and kill him and just leave and as the Fray sons are they do not kill him but do meet with Jaime only to take everything in command even they captive Lord Edmure and decides to make talk with Blackfish.

Bare Island reaches Jon, Sansa and Davos and we see that Lady Lyanna Mormont, who happens to be a child but do come straight to the point. Both Jon and Sansa try their bits to negotiate with Lady Lyanna but fails and finally Davos steps in to speaks for the Starks and make a point that In this divided north the Bolton are far much strong and it’s not just the Bolton that they fear but that the War is going to get far more fierce as the Walkers approach their lands and makes that amazing we have been hearing in the trailers so far. Lady Lyanna is convinced, she agrees to join but later they are known that she has got only 62 men on her side, to which Davos makes another point saying, “if they are half as ferocious as their lady the Boltons are doomed.”

The Broken Man– Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Summary Review

Agreed meet in person Jaime arrives at the door of Blackfish, he makes sure that the war is not over until he stands and any order by the King will not be taken as Blackfish makes it clear that the castle belongs to him and he was born here. Jaime then makes him analyze that the eight thousand men of Lannister and Frey will make sure that stay outside the castle as long as any man comes out to look out for food and will make them starve and kill his men. Blackfish spank with an answer saying they have got over a 2 year of provision, “Do you have two years?” then remain, saying so he leaves.

We see Jon and the team reaching up to House Glover now and negotiate with him to join them against the Bolton but being not so much of flexible he refuses to join, but suddenly we see Sansa joining into the conversation only she show her strong command that she has gained ever since she has fled the trap of Ramsey and we see that desperate fire in her to kill of Ramsey, later as Jon, Davos and Sansa plan to head on anyway before the next storm hit with their already gained army of the ferocious Wildings to Winterfell. A bit hesitant Sansa thinking of a backup decides to finally reach out the one person she somewhere still holds faith in, Littlefinger as she sends him a letter.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis)- The Broken Man

The last weeks take away of all the fleets and boats from the Iron Island by Yara and Theon has ported somewhere and as both the siblings sit together to work up on their next plans of movements, Yara makes it very clear that she is done with this pretentious Theon Greyjoy and that is she has to continue with him he has to take that Reek out of him and if he can’t then do feel free to die or just get back completely being the old self what Ramsey has once made him. After which she reveals the plan of moving straight to Meereen to help Daenerys Targaryen get to Westeros through their ships.

Getting back to the Septon McShane who has gathered his common folks also been joined by Sandor Clegane, everyone listens to wise mans past life and all the bad that the Septon has done earlier, Killing stealing and lots but that just once been realized and left all of that behind. Septon brings the moral of his life and actions to the light saying that it’s never too late to get back and begin helping people that are the way to do something good in the world. Three man on horse arrive the place and ask them of what they doing, to which Septon makes them clear that they are of no harm and talk is being gone on for which all of the people gets to known that these are the man on the mission which they say is to, “protect the people.” Now Hound is quite clear of the sign they gave and is known that they are threatening and thus advice Septon that we all should be prepared if any threat causes our life, but Septon is quite adamant over his decision of not killing or fighting.

Almost coming to the end the show finally bring us to a great shocking moment, as in Braavos Arya Stark try to get herself a cabin a ship that would be leaving to Westeros in like 2 day, she come to a small bridge, gaze in a distance direction an only lady arrives saying, “Sweet Girl” and suddenly attack Arya with a knife in her stomach and realize it’s not an old lady instead is Waif herself came to kill her as she removes the face of the Old one from her face. Arya pushes her away and jumps straight down into the river. Waif watching from the bridge to see if she dead, leaves after watching just the portion of the river turning red with the blood spill and we almost believe that another Stark is dead on the show. Just then Arya comes out of the water, holding her hands at the belly where the blood makes it way out of the stabbing she received from Waif, walking though the lane among the crowd she looks for some help that she needs.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Review and Plot- The Broken Man

We return back again to the wood chopper Hound who is listening to the voice of an horse arrive to the scene of their site only to see that all the men and women are dead, been killed and taking few more steps at the structures they have been preparing he discovers Septon being hanged, realizing something in anger takes hold of an ax stand at ease on a wood and moves.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis)- The Broken Man

A long gone character speculated as dead come back as a Broken Man the Sandor Clegane is advised by a holy peace neck to do some good to the world. Margaery Tyrell makes sure her grandmother Lady Olenna leaves the Kings Landing as she might be the another target of High Sparrow. Jon Snow keeps on seeks small houses to collect army and support to fight against the Bolton’s in the Winterfell. Lannister Army arrives at Riverrun and Jaime takes command and tries to talk to Blackfish to give in the Castel. Sansa sends a letter, Yara and Theon decide to move to Meereen to support and help Daenerys Targaryen return to Westeros and the wounded Arya Stark look for some help in the lanes of Braavos.

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