Oathkeeper – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

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Oathkeeper – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Season 4, Episode 4

 Episode Name: Oathkeeper

 Air Date: April 27, 2013

 Based On:  A Song of Ice and Fire

 Written By: Bryan Cogman

 Directed By: Michelle MacLaren


Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Review & Plot- Oathkeeper

Jaime Lannister continues to learn the techniques of sword from Bronn and he meets Tyrion, in his prisoner brother. Tyrion tells him that he did not murdered Joffrey but he knew very well that till Cersei don’t see him dead she will not leave him. Jaime also tells him that Cersei wants to seize Sansa.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Review & Plot- Oathkeeper

Lady Olenna starts anticipating leaving for Highgarden, she tries to tell Margaery to create a bond with Tommen, Joffrey’s brother and his successor. She also tells her that she should do it quickly before Cersei will turn him against Margaery. Olenna reveals that in the assassination of Joffrey, she has a role to play. She did this only to save Margaery from his cruel nature. Cersei annoyingly queries Jaime to show his loyalty and she is unwilling to hear that Tyrion is not responsible for Joffrey’s murder. Margaery enters into Tommen’s room to confabulate with him regarding their marriage at night. He saw her and was totally mesmerised by her charm.

Afterwards Jaime gives the responsibility to Brienne of Tarth to find and protect Sansa. He hand over her a shining new armor, his own Valyrian steel sword. She names it as “Oathkeeper”. He also asks Podrick Payne to accompany her as an assistant.

Oathkeeper – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Review Summary

While travelling towards Eyrie, Lord Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish informs Sansa that he is going to marry her aunt Lysa Arryn there. He told her about his new powerful partners but did not reveal the name. And also adding to that he tells her that Joffrey’s assassination was like a present to them as it will aid in their bond of friendship becoming stronger. As he had no aim in killing him, he won’t be seen as a suspect. Peter Baelish reveals that the missing stone in her necklace had poison in it and due to which he died.

Ser Alliser Thorne asks Jon Snow who are at the Castle Black to freeze the training because he is just a steward. Janos Slynt asks Thorne to send Jon on a journey to assassinate mutineers at Craster’s Keep so that if he will be killed, he won’t be able to become the new Lord Commander. Jon becomes the leader for this mission, with his colleagues Grenn, Edd and the new apprentice Locke.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Summary (Synopsis)- Oathkeeper

Daenerys Targaryen and her army sets up a camp near Meereen. Grey Worm starts learning the Common Tongue, the language of Westeros from Daenery’s aid Missandei. At night, Grey Worm and the Unsullied capture the Meereen and incite a slave uprising that makes Daenerys the leader of the Meereen. Ser Barristan Selmy asks her to show some pity on the masters, but she adamantly crucifies 163 masters. She tells him that she did this only because they also crucified small kids along the way to Meereen.

Karl Tanner and his mutineers enter the Craster’s Keep. They are raping, drinking and eating their fill. Karl instructs his abettor Rast to properly dispose the dead body of Craster’s last child, a boy, after Craster’s wives tell them that they should be “given to the gods”. Karl knew that the White Walker will take the child and this is how they protect themselves from White Walkers. He tells them if they did the same to him, he will protect them. Rast accede and unrestraint the newborn in the woods. Near to it, Bran Stark and his colleagues hears the cries of that baby. But they are unable to do anything as they were seized by the mutineers and at last Bran has to forcefully accept his identity.

Oathkeeper Trailer

After some time, a White Walker fetches Craster’s son. The Walker goes to the Land of Always Winter and keeps the baby on a chantry made of ice. The Night’s King comes near him and keeps his hand on the boy and suddenly his eyes turns blue.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Summary (Synopsis)- Oathkeeper

Tyrion tells Jaime that he did not killed Joffrey but Cersei will try everything to kill him. Tommen is visited by Margaery to talk about their marriage but he seems mesmerized by her charm. Jaime gives responsibility to Brienne of Tarth to find and protect Sansa. For that he gives her a new armor, his own Valyrian sword and she names her “Oathkeeper”. Lord Peter Baelish tells Sansa that he killed Joffrey. Jon Snow becomes the leader of the mission to assassinate mutineers with his colleagues Grenn, Edd and Locke. Daenerys crucifies 163 masters in order to take revenge of the kids who were crucified on the way to Meereen. Karl Tanner threw a newborn baby in the woods who is then fetched by a White Walker and then takes him to the Land of Always Winter where the Night’s Keep keeps a hand on him turning his normal eyes into blue.

Oathkeeper Trailer

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