Lord Snow – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3

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Lord Snow

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Review & Plot – Lord Snow, Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Summary (Synopsis) Season 1, Episode 3

 Episode Name: Lord Snow

 Air Date: May 1, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song Of Ice and Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

 Directed By: Brian Kirk


Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Review & Plot – Lord Snow

Naming the episode as ‘Lord Snow‘, Game of Thrones released the third episode of the first season. Jon Snow, bastard of Eddard Stark on his march up the Wall reaches alongside Tyrion Lannister.

He is not welcomed in an orderly manner by the brothers of the Night’s Watch. This creates an atmosphere of hostility against him and makes it quite hard for him to prove his worth to Ser Alliser Thorne who feels that the bastard is the least useful amongst all.

Ned Stark and his daughters reach King’s Landing and undertakes the position of King’s Hand by the side of King Robert Baratheon. He meets the council members namely : Lord Petyr Baelish, Grand Maester Pycelle, Renly Baratheon and Lord Varys.

Game Of Thrones Council Lord Snow, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot

Meanwhile Arya and Sansa explain their father, Eddard Stark about the incident that took place the other day. Sansa said she was in a fix to choose between her future husband and her sister Arya which was the doing of the King and Queen. As Arya was angry on her Sister’s statement against her, Eddard tries to calm her by allowing her to practice with her sword Needle.

Game Of Thrones Eddard and Arya Lord Snow, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot

At King’s Landing, Lady Catelyn Stark arrives riding all the way from Winterfell escorted by Ser Rodrik. They both are escorted into Lord Petyr Baelish’s chambers where he already knows about her arrival. Littlefinger, Lord Baelish so called by many, promises to help Catelyn since he too has a soft corner for her as he once loved her before she married Eddard Stark.

Across the Narrow sea, it is learned that Daenerys is carrying Khal Drogo‘s child. This should be a worrying issue for the throne seekers, across Westeros and Essos as the one leader of 40000 Dothrakis would be having a child born to continue his generation.

Game Of Thrones Daenerys pregnant Lord Snow, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot

Jon Snow meets his uncle Benjen Stark, who is the First Ranger of Men of the Night’s Watch. Benjen Stark marks his way across the wall on a ranging mission on behalf of the Night’s Watch.

Tyrion after having a word with Lord Commander and Maester Aemon, chooses to depart to King’s Landing. But before doing so, he fulfils his wish which he always had to piss when on top of the wall.

Game Of Thrones Tyrion and Wall Lord Snow, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Summary (Synopsis)

We learn that the central theme of Cersei’s politics is controlling over her son’s mind, Joffrey Bratheon. She makes him think in her ways of acquiring the throne as he would be the heir to the throne after the current ruling King Robert Baratheon, father of Joffrey.

Game Of Thrones Arya learns Lord Snow, Synopsis, Summer, Trailer, Story Plot

Sharpening her skills, and improving her sword fighting skills Arya Stark is treated rigorously by her new Sword master, Syrio Forel, former first Sword of Bravoos. Having similar lean and pace tactics as of a kid, she gains knowledge how to work swiftly (often referred to as sword dancing by her master) from Syrio.

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