The Law Of Gods And Men – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

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The Law Of Gods And Men – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Season 4, Episode 6

 Episode Name: The Laws of Gods and Men

 Air Date: May 11, 2014

 Based On: A Song of Ice and Fire

 Written By: Bryan Cogman

 Directed By: Alik Sakharov

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Review and Plot-The Law Of Gods And Men

Stannis and Davos enter in Braavos, where they are welcomed by Tycho Nestoris at the Iron Bank. Tycho refuse Stannis’s plea for monetary help, giving him excuse not having a large army and the food items essential for them to survive. Before they set out to leave further, Davos gave a very motivated speech about Stannis’s talent, behaviour and nature of being a man with a lot of bravery. And he also blames Tyrion about his age and his potential to become a successor. Davos wins over Tycho with such a memorable speech and Tycho give him the needed funds. He tells pirate Salladhor Saan afterwards that Stannis has now the needful amount of money and so they will sail together tomorrow.

The Law Of Gods And Men Trailer

One of Daenerys dragon attacks a herd of goats followed by a farmer and his boy in new Meereen. The farmer shows her and her advisors a bag of charred goat bones and she affirms him that she will pay him three times more than the goat’s price. After the farmer goes away, Hizadahr Lo Zoraq pleads to bury his father, as he was one of the Meereneese masters, Daenerys had crucified. He also tells them that his father was against the crucifying process of kids but due to Daenerys justice, he is no more alive.  By hearing this she accepts his plea.

Yara Greyjoy is the leader of Ironborn soldiers in an attack on the Dreadfort as revenge against Ramsay’s torment of Theon and killing her own soldiers. Yara finds Theon in a doghouse with a lots of dogs surrounding him but don’t agree to take her help because he thoughts that she is also sent by Ramsay to trick him again.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis)- The Law Of Gods And Men

He also agrees to tell her his true name but tells her that he is Reek. Before they can escape, Ramsay and his soldiers release their hounds on all others. After returning back to the boat, Yara tells her colleagues that Theon is no more alive. Ramsay awards Reek with a refreshing bath. Ramsay tells him that he requires a man to help him to go to Moat Cailin, and asks him to not follow the order of his father and doesn’t act like the one who is not alive: Theon Greyjoy.

Tywin instructs the council of his members at a small meeting that Tyrion’s trial will start in afternoon. Lord Varys instructs Tywin that Sandor “The Hound” Clegane has been seen in Riverlands, and Tywin keeps a huge bounty on him. Varys also tells them about the success of Daenerys in Meereen, and Tywin decides to take preventive measures to keep their city safe from Daenerys attack.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Review and Plot-The Law Of Gods And Men

In the prison, Jaime very carefully ties Tyrion and brings in the throne room on the instructions of Tywin, to start the trials. King Tommen protects himself from the trial by making his grandfather Tywin, Prince Oberyn Tyrell and Lord Mace Tyrell as the three judges. Ser Meryn Trent, Grand Maester Pycelle, Queen Regent Cersei and Varys are called as witnesses, who all give proof that Tyrion killed Joffrey and very easily neglecting how Joffrey behaved. During the break, Jaime pleads Tywin to free Tyrion of this accusation and he will return to Casterly Rock to be Tywin’s scion. Tywin agrees to him but he asks Jaime to plead for mercy. And after he will be found guilty he will be asked to join Night’s Watch.

After coming back to the trial, Tywin asks the next eye witness to come and she turns out to be Shae. She tell them lie that Sansa and Tyrion strategized the assassination of Joffrey as she want to avenge her father, mother and brother’s deaths. She also tells the judges about his sexual needs and desires, disappointing him in front of the court. Before he will go out of control, he asks everyone that he wants to confess.

The Law Of Gods And Men – Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Summary Review

He first tells them about the behaviour of people of King’s Landing even after he protected Stannis Baratheon in the Blackwater Bay, accusing Stannis that he might have killed them all. By seeing towards Tywin, Tyrion refuses that he assassinated Joffrey but also agrees that he had a wish to kill him and blames Tywin that he put him on a trial because of his dwarfism ( a person whose age increases but height doesn’t ). He completes his sentence by saying that he did not consider himself as a culprit for the crime he not did and his fate will be decided by Gods. He also demands them a trial to combat.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis)- The Law Of Gods And Men

Davos asks Tycho Nestoris to help him monetarily but he refuses him. But when Stannis gave a motivating speech, Tycho agrees to give him the amount he needed. Hizadahr Lo Zoraq meets and pleads for burying his dead father, a Meereen master, who was crucified by Daenerys. He also tells her that he was against the process of crucifying kids, but still he is no more alive because of Daenerys justice. She agrees to his plea after hearing him. Varys tells Tywin and his council about Daenerys success in the Meereen’s and also asks to take preventive measures before she tries to invade their kingdom. Jaime asks Tywin to free Tyrion of the accusations and in reply he will return back to Casterly Rock to be Tywin’s successor. Tyrion confesses everything in front of the court and demands trial of combat.

The Law Of Gods And Men Trailer

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