Kissed By Fire – Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5

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Kissed By Fire – Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Season 3, Episode 5

 Episode Name: Kissed By Fire

 Air Date: April 28, 2013

 Based On: A Song Of Ice And Fire

 Written By: Bryan Cogman

 Directed By: Alex Graves

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Review & Plot – Kissed By Fire

King Stannis comes to see his wife Queen Selyse Baratheon who tells him that he wouldn’t be able to be a father and to his astonishment she tells him that she knew about it and Melisandre told her everything before only and she does not have any problem with it but it is like the service to the Lord of Light. After that Stannis comes to see his Daughter Princess Shireen Baratheon. When she inquires about the battle and Ser Davos Seaworth, he reveals that Davos is enslaved for treachery. Later Shireen very secretively goes to the prison to meet Davos and gives him a book but Davos tell her that he don’t know how to read and write. So Shireen starts teaching him how to read first with the help of a book named Aigon Is conquest of Westeros.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Review & Plot - Kissed By Fire

Brotherhood takes Thoros of Myr to prayers while Lord Beric Dandarrion and “The Hound” Sander Clegane starts practicing their warfare tactics. Dondarrion knew that Hound has pyrophobia (irrartional fear of fire), so he ablaze his sword to astound him. But it in short time Hound overpowers him and with an instinct he asphyxiates him. After some time when Arya tries to asphyxiate Hound but she is freeze by Gendry. The three of them shocked to know that Dondarrion has been energized by Thoros, who freed the Hound by proving that the battle had proved his innocent character. After some time Arya finds Gendry working on the armor of Dondarrion he tells her that he intentionally starts working as a smith with Brotherhood and he does not forced him. After Gendry left, Arya meets Thoros and asks him to take her to Riverrun when Dondarrion quickly comes there. Thoros then tells Arya that Lord of Light was really very helpful to Dondarrion and he energized him for 6 times.

The prisoners Martyn and Willem Lannister are brutally assassinated by Lord Rickard Karstark and his men. King Robb Stark dares Lord Karstark to prison him and assassinate his men who helped him. When he implores to assassinate Karstark for his treachery but Queen Talisa Stark, Lady Catelyn Stark and Lord Edmure Tully urges him to hold as a hostage and keep their men alive as they were loyal. But Robb refuses them and in an instance he assassinates him.

Huffed and hurt by their leader’s death the Karstark forces quit the Northern army. Robb plans a gimmick to continue the war against the Lannisters. Then he informs Talisa that his new strategy is to invade the Casterly Rock, the Home of Lannisters. But Karstark forces has quit so they now need more army so he tries to force an agreement with Lord Walder Frey, the man who has the total control over the twins and in exchange he has to marry his daughter and letting his army cross to save Robb’s father, Eddard.

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Locke brings Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth to Lord Roose Bolton. Bolton was really angry that his men was battered a valuable hostage and frees Brienne and urges his men to take Jaime to meet Qyburn a maester who was deprived from his chains. Qyburn starts treating Jaime’s right forearm but Jaime insists him to do it without the use of painkiller. To clean Jaime he is taken to bath where Brienne was already bathing. Jaime then inform her about Robert’s Rebellion, the “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen and his plan to ablaze the King’s Landing using a lot of wildfire kept hidden by a pyromancer to fire the whole King’s Landing. Jaime also informs her that he dropped him dead to save the city, its people and his father.

Orell tries gaining information about the Wall Patrols from Jon. He lies that there are thousand men guarding it. Tormund believes him but also warns him that he will be assassinated that he lied. After a sometime Ygritte embezzle Jon’s sword Longclaw and chase her to cave disrobes him where she succeeds in convincing him to break his Night’s Watch vows and make out with her.

Kissed By Fire – Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Review Summary

While walking Ser Jorah Mormont and Ser Barriston Selmy were debating about the siege of Pyke during Balon Greyjoy’s first dissent against the throne. Jorah tries digging more inside Barriston’s aims to join Daenerys Targaryen’s cause and tries to confirm Jorah is working as a spy to Varys under King Robert Baratheon and his Small Council, when he started working for the Daenerys. Barriston very clearly replied he did not work for Robert’s Small Council and he did not have any idea of Jorah’s work.

Daenerys gathers all her Unsullied army. The officers selected Grey Worm as their chief. She asks them to change their name and can keep whichever they wanted but Grey refuses to change it as he founds it auspicious and lucky.

Queen Cersei Lannister urges Lord Peter Baelish to help her in eliminating Tyrells from the King’s Landing who do not have a good interest for Crown. Afterwards Lady Sansa Stark and Lady Margaery Tyrell saw Ser Loras Tyrell practicing his sword. After the practice, Loras and his assistance indulged in lovemaking. Obscure to Loras Olyver has a spy who told about Tyrell’s plan to marry Sansa. Baelish rendezvous with Sansa and wanted her to accompany him to Vale but she refused it and asked him to let her stay her at King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Summary (Synopsis) - Kissed By Fire

Tyrion Lannister rendezvous with Lady Olenna to altercate the rising cost of the upcoming wedding. She agrees to pay half of the whole cost and then Tyrion takes this news to his father, Tywin. Tywin acknowledges Tyrion that he knew about the Tyrell’s plan to marry Sansa to Loras and he wanted to act first by marrying Sansa to Tyrion. Tyrion is not happy by this decision. Cersei appreciated at her brother’s discomfort over this disbelief till Tywin cleared that he will wed her to Ser Loras.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Summary (Synopsis)Kissed By Fire

King Stannis confronts his wife Queen Selyse Baratheon and tells her that he could not become a father. But astonishingly she already knew about it and it does not have any problem. Hound kills Dandarrion and Arya is confronted by Gendry’s truth to be partial on the side of Brotherhood. Lord Rickard Lannister and his men brutally killed Martyn and Willem Lannister.  Locke brings Jaime and Brienne of Tarth to Lord Roose Bolton. Tyrion clarifies the costing of the royal wedding and talks to his father, Tywin about Tyrells plan.

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