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Home – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Summary ReviewSeason 6, Episode 2

Episode Name: Home

Air Date: May 1, 2016

Written By: Dave Hill

Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa


Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Review and Plot- Home

Missed out on the thrill and shock in the initial season 6 first episode “The Red Woman”, Game Of Thrones s06e02 “Home” promises you all that thrill and much more revealing drama, you missed out last Sunday. The show open with the psychic and visionary young Stark, Bran Stark making his comeback after skipping down a whole season 5 and with his scenes in the show, we are made to believe that his part this season is going to be bigger than any other character. Training with the mystical, Three-eyed Raven in his cave, Bran visions take us to a far back in time and we are introduced with the young, Ned Stark, his uncle Benjen Stark and their little sister Lyanna in a very surprisingly pleasant scene. Also, we come across not much of a talker “Hodor”, who’s named in real being “Willis” and he begins young with a proper ability to speak everything, not like his present ability to speak just one word “Hodor”. This whole visionary session goes on until Raven, bring Bran back to reality and advice him “If you stay too long, you’ll drown.” We have also got the so called “Child of the Forest” leaf as we all know, respond to Meera Reed sitting in snow in this pleasant scenery, still holding onto the sorrow of his brother Jojen, “Bran needs her”, as Bran Stark with Hodor has finally planned to make journey far north.

Game Of Thrones s06e02 summery and plot

At Castle Black the situation is still quite intense as, Thorne and the other supportive mutineer murderers of Jon Snow are outside his room and inside Davos and Melisandre, with few of Jon’s loyal friend’s hopes for Sebastian’s return to the wall with more help to protect Jon corpse from taking over by Allisar Thorne and his man. As his man gets half way past trying to break the door, inside Ser Davos, Jon’s Dire Wolf and his friends are prepared to fight back, but a sudden bang at the main gates of Castle Black brings Nights brothers attention towards the approach of Wildling demanding to open the gate, as Sebastian has brought help of wildlings led by their leader Tormund Giantsbane with their were own Giant wildling, who ultimately breaks off the gate, getting in Dortmund and other wildling captures the opposing party of Thorne and other Nights Watchman as they finally surrender. Tormund demands to prepare for a proper funeral Pyre for Jon Snow.

At Kings Landing, Cersei Lannister is stopped by the royal army to remain in Red Keep and not to be gone out, so presently is even stopped from attending her daughter’s corpse at the Sept of Baelor, as per the orders by King Tommen Baratheon. In her support stands Ser Robert Strong aka mountain. At the Sept of Baelor, Tommen in speak with uncle Jaime Lannister is petrified of not protecting her mother and wife, as him being a King is not helping him to take control over the Faith militant and their leader. That very moment we witness the entrance of High Sparrow and Tommen is sent to speak with his mother. Both Jaime and High Sparrow confront each other and the rage of all the insult and humiliation his family had to take up because of him is through at High Sparrow through words. Jaime being a carefree man later confronts of all the sins he has admitted and makes Sparrow realizes that he ain’t any different from them. Threatening to kill, Jaime is warned by Sparrow to look around as his Faith militant man, have surrounded inside the place with weapons to kill him he try even a little to harm him back.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Summary (Synopsis)- Home

Cersei finally meets Tommen as is distressed and guilty over not being able to help her mother and protect her, “You raised me to be strong, but I wasn’t, and I want to be. Help me,” and like always Cersei forgives him saying, “Always”.

The present rulers at Meereen, Tyrion Lannister in the absence of Daenerys Targaryen, feel they will lose the grip over Meereen and its ruling as the Ships at the harbor have been burnt and the cities in the Slavers Bay, are been taken over by the slave master and to take control, they must get an upper hand, a strong one. So to bring things in effect he proposes to Varys, Missandei, and Grey Worm that the present moment demands the two Dragons kept inside the dungeons, be fed, taken care of and let out of that space. Finally, the moment comes when we see Tyrion face to face the dragon and speaking, without burning him down. A long desire to have a dragon of his own is somehow gets fulfilled, Tyrion talks to them, try to build up a rapport as he says, “I’m here to help, Don’t eat the help,” and we see them understanding him because they let him untie their chains.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Review and Plot- Home

Another combat training fight begins with Waif, as she pays a visit to Arya with her smacking action, blind Arya fights furiously and in the middle of all this the Faceless man appear, Jaqen H’ghar, stopping the fight, he bring Arya to attention of continuing her next session of training at the House of Black and White and that she is done with being the blind beggar for now, but then has a question to ask, “Who are you” and our adamant Arya Stark speaks saying, “No One.”

The tragic turn begins to take place from here onwards as, we are taken all the way to North at Winterfell and a good news for Roose Bolton is spill out to Ramsey Bolton, of Roose’s wife Lady Walder, has given birth to a child and the heir to Roose Bolton. Threatened by this news of losing his position, among the get together of Roose Bolton, his new supportive Karstark, and Ramsey Bolton, he congratulates his father by providing him a tight hug and then a gift for a newborn baby, by stabbing him in his back, killing Roose right then and there. Another shocking moment we come across as Ramsay does not even spare the newborn and Lady Walder, as they are given a brutal death of putting them into the hound’s cage and letting them kill both. Though we are not shown the scene but made it hear all.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 2 Home Trailer

On the other side, we come across the freeman, Lady Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy in the protection of Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. The final moment when we would be seeing Sansa and Theon together, as Theon part his way with Sansa, as she would be carrying on to far North to the Walls to be with brother Jon Snow. She asks him to carry on with him, but when he says now, another question just right back at him, “Where will you go?”, asks Sansa. He replies saying, “Home” as would be heading back to his sister Yara Greyjoy.

Now comes the moment when the show gets immensely exciting, the one that everybody has been waiting for, from so long. We come across the body of Jon Snow, clothes off we get to see the cuts and the damage that the Nights Brother has made to him. Melisandre, a bit deprived about her visions not coming true and all her powers and faith over the seven gods prophecy has proven completely wrong. But Davos plea and convince her to use her magical power to bring Jon back to live. Watching Davos carrying faith in her, she begins her work onto Jon. Starts her praying and cast her spell upon Jon show by laying her hand over her body, she tries n try, keeps repeating the words to heal him, ultimately nothing seems to works, everyone departs in despair, Melisandre, Tormund, Sebastian and other.

Home – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Summary Review

Davos remains there for a while with Jon’s Direwolf “Ghost” and finally departs out, but the wolf lay on the ground in some hope of him coming back. The Ghost then gets up, stares continuously at Jon’s corpse and in no minute, Jon wakes up, eyes wide open and breathing heavily, he is brought back to life.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Summary (Synopsis)- Home

Bran Stark gets back in time, far back bringing the moments of young Ned Stark, his uncle, and their sister, with little Hodor, who could speak. Thorne’s intention of taking back Jon Snow’s corpse with the other Nights Watch brother come to failure as they are made to surrender and captured by the Wildlings, a help bought by Jon’s loyal friend Sebastian. At Kings Landing Tommen is guilty and apologise to mother Cersei Lannister, Jaime comes face to face with High Sparrow and is warned to take any wrong steps. Ramsey Bolton kills his father Roose Bolton over the birth of his legitimate child and heir to Roose Bolton. Sansa-Theon wishes each other farewell as he set course towards returning back “Home”, Euron Greyjoy returns to iron Island and Balon Greyjoy is murdered. Melisandre succeeds in bringing back Jon Snow to live.

Home Trailer

Well for the previous episode the makers didn’t released the official preview or trailer of Episode 1 and luckily for GOT Season 6 Episode 2, the makers made an effort to put together scenes and pass it on to the viewers, with the mean of Trailer, here check it out, of what all things took place in episode 2 Home:

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