Garden Of Bones – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4

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Garden Of Bones

Garden Of Bones – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Season 2, Episode 4

 Episode Name: Garden Of Bones

 Air Date: April 22, 2012

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: Vanessa Taylor

 Directed By: David Petrarca

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Review & Plot – Garden Of Bones

In the encampment area of the Lannisters, the two guards were just joking off when from the bushes, Grey Wind spanks on them followed by the Stark army. They entered in the camp area surprisingly & battled to victory.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Review & Plot – Garden Of Bones

The next day, Robb wakes up & roams around in the remains of the warland. He finds out the Silent Sisters helping the injured not only from the Stark army but also the Lannisters. His bannerman Roose Bolton asks him for a permission to kill the Lannister army captured as they may lead out of supplies, but he refuses as he would not go against the war laws. Roose then also suggests torturing the captors as they must be carrying some useful information as well. Because Robb do not want any sort of a trouble ahead for his sister, he tends to ignore what’s come ahead of him. Roose warns him as they have a lot of army already & to travel with the prisoners would e difficult.

He finds one lady trying to amputate one leg of an injured man. He tries to stop her but she insists that she has to. Robb holds the man while she cuts off the leg. She blames Robb for the war happening but Robb tells her about his father’s death & that this is revenge. She is shocked by his response as he doesn’t care for who would run the realm later & all he wants is them to leave North on its own. She introduces herself as Talisa of Volantis & tells him that all the men he fought with were none of the people he wanted revenge from but it was from the Westerlands, who were all pulled in to get involve into the war.

In the King’s Landing, Joffrey, furious by the act of Robb stark, try to show it on Sansa in front of a filled court in his redecorated throne room. He throws cross bows at her trying to scare her to death as revenge to Robb’s actions. But, Sansa seems to not give up in front of him. He declares in front of her & the court that, what Robb did was treason & it is unfair for a war conduct. Seeing Sansa unaffected & remembering his Queen’s words of not killing her, he lowers his hands & orders her to stand up. He calls upon Ser Meryn Trant & asks him to beat her in front of everyone & strip her, except for her face. Trant begins by punching her in the stomach & then striking with a sword on the back of her legs. This makes her fall down & he then rips open he gown’s back. The court shocked to watch this terror as Sansa lays half naked. Sandor Clegane, standing & watching the whole scene, though disgusted but can’t take action against. Just as him, no one dares to challenge the king & his laws & punishments.

As Tyrion Lannister enters the room, he finds Sansa lying on the floor, with her torn clothed state. She gets furious & helps her with the help of Sandor, covering her. He asks the King the cause for this insult. As the King explains that this was revenge & that it is in his power to act as he wants. Tyrion, calling him a Madman, dismisses a council & takes Sansa out. He asks her if she isn’t ready to marry him or wants to break it to which she responds in negation of leaving him as she loves him. Impressed Tyrion takes the “Lady Stark”, as he addresses her, out of the court room.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Review & Plot – Garden Of Bones

Tyrion sends two prostitutes, Ros & Daisy, in the King’s chambers as according to Bronn, the king must be in a Need to calm himself & be satisfied. But, the coin flipped against, as Joffrey gets furious seeing the two. He orders Ros to beat up Daisy till she is bloodied & then take her to Tyrion’s chambers, teaching him a lesson & also a warning to not interrupt between him & Sansa.

In Renly’s court, Littlefinger arrives with a message from the Queen to join hands with them, as even according to them, he is the righteous heir to the throne. when he realises that the Queen Margaery was not sharing her bed with the Renly, he taunts her by telling that her husband is a homosexual but she doesn’t’ react to the trust she already knows. Instead, she knows that she was securing her house to stops Littlefinger from talking. Though Renly doesn’t like Littlefinger, he thinks that his offer could be worth accepting.

Later, Littlefinger visits Lady Catelyn’s chamber, who is already furious about his betrayal. She raises her dagger as he tries to flirt, but to save himself; he tells her that the King is ready to trade Jamie for her daughters. As she is stumped, he also gets her the remains of Eddard Stark. She gets emotional, as Littlefinger is asked to leave, but at the same time, her strength doubles with some satisfaction.

As per Kovarro’s information brought to Daenerys, in the Red Waste, the city of Qarth seems to be nearby. Ser Jorah warns her about the Garden of bones formed around the city of those who were abandoned, but they decide to proceed. The Thirteen, important among the all, guarded by some knights stand surrounding them, welcome the ‘Mother of the Dragons’. As Daenerys & Khalasar reach the gates, the Spice King, one of them, spoke to her to show them the dragons but she refuses as in return she wants her people served. In refusal, they abandon them. But Daenerys swears to seek revenge against them, which is taken seriously by them causing Xaro Xhoan Dxos, again one of them, to accept them & vouch for her with a blood oath, an oath by a Qartheen. Thus, the Khalasar enters.

Garden Of Bones – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Review Summary

As Arya Stark along with Gendry & Hot Pie reach Harrenhal, they find it’s a creepy place developed by the Dragons’ fire, during the Targaryen era. She could hear the cries of the tortured men just as soon as the sight of the place. As they entered, various other prisoners joined them before they proceeded, who were the refugees from the Riverland. They were headed by Ser Gregor Clegane, also known as the Mountain. The Lannister soldiers under him were called The Tickler who tortured men to know about their hidden valuables or a group named ‘The Brotherhood’, though they knew nothing about the war. When Arya, along with others entered, she saw a man going through the torture. He had a bucket tied to his chest which had a rat in it. When asked questions about their enemies & if his answers aren’t affirmative, a torch was held near his bucket. This caused the rat to save himself & run where he finds his way through digging in the man’s chest, screaming him to death. Arya gets furious about this & wishes to react to Ser Gregor’s actions too.

Later, Stannis Baratheon, along with Melisandre, arrives in Renly’s court to make a friendly allegiance with him to become the Kings as he allegedly be the rightful heir to have himself on to the throne & that he would grant Renly a high post. But, Renly opposes as he has a large army over, to win for it rather than being under him. Catelyn tries to explain them that their real enemy are the Lannisters & that they shouldn’t be fighting along with each other. Stannis is surprised by Catelyn’s support to Renly, as Eddard was supporting him, but ignores. Both the brother’s fight settles to a war & the King would be decided. While leaving, Melisandre warns Renly about his defeat. Renly feels sad about fighting with his brother.

As they further proceed & Gendry is the next victim for them, to ask questions to & is tied to the chair. But, with the entry of Tywin Lannister along with few of his man who lost at the battle of the Whispering Wood, setting Harrenhal as their new base camp for the future, the whole earlier situation is interrupted. He even asks everyone to be used in work rather than tortured, including Gendry, as he would be of great importance. He also notices Arya & asks her why she is dressed as a boy, without recognizing her. She answers, as it was easier for her to travel, impressing the King to take her with them as a cup-bearer.

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Stannis calls upon Davos, to carry Melisandre secretly to the caves near Renly’s camp. As he does so, she asks him whether he trusts her as she is on the side of good. They make their way to a calm place where Melisandre pulls off her cloak, to be naked & pregnant to the last stage. As Davos watches horrifyingly, she gives birth to a large shadow in the dim light.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Summary (Synopsis)- Garden Of Bones

Robb Stark won a step towards victory against the Lannisters. King Joffrey shows off his anger & Tyrion tries to cover up his cruelty. Littlefinger acts as an envoy to the king against Renly & Stannis. Lady Catelyn tries to clear the differences between the Baratheon brothers who want to claim the Throne. Arya along with her recruits & other prisoners reach Harrenhal, the new encampment zone for the Lannisters. Daenerys finds her way out of the desert, by reaching Qarth. A battle is on between the brothers & Melisandre seems to have a different plan. The maze is complicated & to win, one must run through it. But, the walls seem to push narrow & the path should complete with a likely split.

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