Fire and Blood – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10

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Fire and Blood

Fire and Blood – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Review Summary Season 1, Episode 10

 Episode Name: Fire & Blood

 Air Date: June 19, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

 Directed By: Alan Taylor

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Review & Plot – Fire and Blood

In the great courtyard of the Sept of Baelor, where the Lord Eddard was beheaded at the very moment, Sansa fainted because of the scene. His head was proudly flaunted by Sandor Clegane after execution by Ser Ilyn Payne. Seeing the scene, Arya clutches Yoren’s hand while he drags her out of the crowd in a small alley. He chops her hair off, addressing her as a boy, in order to save her from the Reign. He asks her not to trust any of the other recruits other than him, as they would either take her to the Queen Cersei or use her for their own benefit first & then take her to the Queen.

Near the Wall, Bran Stark tell Osha, he had a dream about a raven flying towards the tomb in Castle Black & when he follows it, he finds his father in the tomb. When Osha hears him, they turn to the tomb & moves in it. There he finds his brother’s wolf, Shaggydog, who springs upon him from his father’s tomb. While his brother, Rickon Stark shoos away the dog, he tells bran about the same dream he had. Osha, trying to secure them that this could be a mere coincidence, but both become very anxious. When they reach out of the tomb they find Maester Luwin searching for them. As the Maester sees them, he carrying the letter & saddened by the death of Eddard Stark, breaks the news.

Fire and Blood – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10

In the encampment area of the Stark army, Lady Catelyn is moving around, lost, while the warriors & men bow to her in respect. As the camp ends & the path towards the forest rests at her feet, where no one can see her, Catelyn breaks down with deep pain inside her. While she is alone in her grief, she hears something in the forest & follows it. To her surprise, she finds Robb gashing a tree with his sword. When she approaches her, he, filled with anger, tells her that he would kill all of them. He falls in her arms & as she grabs him, assures him that once they get back his sister, all of them would definitely be killed!

In the Red Keep, where Joffrey is taking up the court, where a singer named, Marillion, is brought upon, accused of him singing a rude song for the Royal family. The song was about King Robert & Cersei, that though the King was killed by a wild boar, the lion in him was emasculated beforehand in bed. He was forced to sing the song, which later raged the King. He, then, also told them that he has met Catelyn & Sir Rodrik before & that he has also accompanied Tyrion to the Vale of Arryn. After asked by the king, what he could live without, his hands or his tongue, he vaguely responded that no one can live without hands. The King therefore, ordered his tongue to be cut. Later, he carried Sansa to the Wall to boast about his act of killing her father’s head by forcing her to look at it, hung on a spear. After struggling for a time, she gazed with an outsize, deep anger in her. He then stated that soon she would find Robb’s head beside, which she restated by Robb bringing her, Joffrey’s head. Ser Meryn Trant beat her on orders & the King then moves away. Sandor Clegane grabs her & wipes off the blood, off her lips as Joffrey proceeds.

 At the Stark camp, Robb, with his bannermen, discusses the further strategies & plans. They get confused as who do they attack first as Renly has greater forces while Stannis has the next opportunity to be crowned as the King other than Cersei’s children, being the eldest. Greatjon Umber, frustrated by the ‘either-or’ situations, stands up firm by spitting on the ground & declares that there is only one worthy King in the North, & that is Robb. The bannermen, supporting Greatjon, bows down before the new King of the North, swearing loyalty.

Lady Catelyn, on her way to Jamie Lannister, sees the whole scene. When she visits Jamie, Jamie taunts her about Eddard & promises to serve her on behalf of him. She stabs a stone in his head, angrily. He tells her not to hit him again & again as he would die & he knew that they won’t kill him till Catelyn gets her daughters back. When asked about why he pushed Bran from the tower, he does not clear the thought, but tells her in a wish to kill him.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Summary (Synopsis) – Fire and Blood

At the Lannister camp, Tywin is furious about Jamie being captured & is discussing their further move as they can have to face two armies now, one from the north, the Starks, while the other from the south, the Baratheon’s (as they would claim the Iron throne).so, the only options left with them were to call for a war with them by raising armies or by joining hands in a treaty of peace.  But, Tyrion points out that the idea of making peace with Robb was discarded the same time when the King killed Lord Eddard. Tywin sees the truth in Tyrion’s words, so he orders the army to go back to Harrenhal, on the northern shores of God’s Eye, & make it their headquarters. Impressed by Tyrion, he decides to send him back to King’s Landing & take over his position of One Hand of the King. He wants the King & the Queen to heal & wants him to make sure the King doesn’t make any of the future mistakes. He later also demands to Tywin that he keep an eye on the other majorities too, if he sense any sign of treachery & to let Shea stay back.

In Essos, Daenerys wakes up to find her child, Rhaego dead before born & deformed. Jorah Mormont informed her that the rest of the Khalasar moved forward leaving them back. When she asks the reason to Mirri Maz Duur, she replies that she put the child’s life in him, making the Khal alive but freeze in action. Daenerys is shocked by the situation of a dead son & a paralyzed husband. Mirri explains her that, when she saved her from the raid of Khalasar, she was already raped thrice & the temple was burned, which she served. She wanted Daenerys to experience the feeling of being left all alone, losing every single thing one cherished.

At the Wall, Jon Snow gets to know about the death of his father. He, in his anger & grief, turns down the Night’s Watch duty & decides to join his brother Robb for the war. Samwell Tarly pleads him not to leave & go as he has his vows to complete. But, Jon had his mind made already & leaves. Sam, along with Pypar and Grenn accompany him as he proceeds. The next thing, Jon hears a sound & turns around to see Sam fallen from his horse because of a tree branch. He climbs down the horse to help Sam, when the three surround him & plead him to stay. They recite their oath taken. Jon after hearing it, realises that there could be much more difficulties he will have to face further. What if Robb doesn’t allow him in his army? He’ll be a loner, deserter & also would not be accepted in the Night’s Watch, but punished. He then thought of his father, who surely would not have liked his idea. So, he decided to stay back & went back to the Castle Black with his sword Longclaw.

Next day, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont tells him not to repeat his mistakes as he can’t punish all his oath breakers; else he’ll be left with none then. He then make an offering to Jon to join him along in the army, which he headed with beyond the Wall, to fight the upcoming crisis, the wildings, White Walkers and also the Wight. Just after this he seeks an opinion on to one more though of his about what according to him sounds more important at that moment, the unknown terror attacking miraculously at night & destroying them or sitting on the Iron Throne? Thus Jon agrees to what Lord Commander says & promises to be loyal to him in days coming. The very next morning, they army gets ready for the challenge & start their journey of unknown fates & fortunes.

Fire and Blood Official Trailer

In the camp side, Tyrion was confused about his father’s wish of keeping Shea back. He tells Shea about it but decides to take her away with him.

Later, at night, Daenerys tries to wake his ‘still’ husband. She bathes him, talks to him. She also tries to seduce him, but he doesn’t respond & she realises that he is totally numb & it would be a painful life ahead. She was deeply wounded, but ended his life by chocking him with a pillow, by kissing him goodbye.

In the  King’s Landing, Maester Pycelle  takes a prostitute to his chambers & boasts her about him not being that fragile as he looks but have served & been loyal to all the great Kings. He told her that he had served King Aerys Targaryen who was an irrational & idiotic person, obsessed with fire but before, a young, charming man & Robert Baratheon, who was a great soldier though not an ideal king.

While, Lord Varys & Littlefinger agrees to the same point, as they wait for Joffrey, to start the council. He asks about what one must do if he was to rule the realm. He must definitely have a mutual correspondence of his men to have a stable environment. He was disappointed by the “New” King’s ways.

On the streets of the Red Keep, Yoren, addressing Arya as a boy named ‘Arry’, takes her in as one of the new recruits for the Night’s Watch. He has three boys along with him- Hot Pie, Lommy Greenhands & Gendry, who was the bastard son of Lord Robert, which Yoren didn’t knew about, Gendry was working for Tobho Mott, for which Robert used to pay him silver, but after Robert died, he threw Gendry out & asked him to join the Night’s Watch. As one of the boys, seeing the sword in Arya’s hand asks her to give it off. While so, she takes it out & points it at one of the fat kid, threatening him by telling him about her killing a fat boy before. Gendry taking her side informs the others not to do so again as to protect her from further bully. Then, the caravan starts & they set to cross the war lands of Riverland to reach the Wall.

In the east, Daenerys was conducting a small funeral with the Dothraki & the slaves left behind. She orders the reason for the death of Drogo, Mirri Maz Duur, to be burned along with him. She stands in front of a massive pyre & Maz Duur is tied to one of the stakes. Ser Jorah Mormont knew that Daenerys is planning to fire herself along & tried to stop her. But, Daenerys orders the slaves to be free, while some stay back & orders Rakharo to place her dragon eggs in the fire. As she moves forward & touches the pyre, the fire blows into a huge hellfire, which she enters & sits while Mirri cries as the flames wrap her, which she proudly spoke about that she won’t & Daenerys was sure she would.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Review & Plot – Fire and Blood

At dawn, when Jorah & the Khalasar rise to see the fire is dead. They find Daenerys still sitting, covered with ash & the eggs have hatched, she with her three newborn ‘Dragons’. All her clothes & rest have turned into ashes except for her & her dragons. After seeing them, Jorah & the rest of the clan, bowed before the Mother of the Dragons as she rises from the ashes, holding the three. One of the dragons in her hand, one climbing her leg & one crawling to her head from her shoulders, spreads his wings & screams. The dragons have returned & this screaming was a signal to the start of a new era.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Summary (Synopsis) – Fire and Blood

The Lannister’s seem to have invited the war, by killing Lord Eddard. Everyone shocked with the news & the Starks fierce their moves, strengthening them. Snow, moved by the death of his father wants to join for the revenge, but is tied because of the vows. The unknown Terror from the North has just started its journey. The Lannister’s have a different plan for the war, Tyrion being the new One Hand of the King. Arya, the Stark, is ambushed in the Night’s Watch, secretly. Daenerys have lost all she had & decides to give up, but fate or fortune brings her back making her the Mother of three Dragons. This is the beginning of a new era… a dragon era… a Targaryen era!!!

Fire and Blood Official Trailer

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