Dark Wings, Dark Words- Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2

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Dark Wings, Dark Words

Dark Wings, Dark Words- Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Review Summery Season 3, Episode 2

 Episode Name: Dark Wings, Dark World

 Air Date: April 7, 2013

 Based On: A Song Of Ice And Fire

 Written By: George R. R. Martin

 Directed By: David Benioff And D.B. Weiss

Game of Thorns Season 3 Episode 2 Review and Plot- Dark Wings, Dark Words

Lady Margaery Tyrell and her grandmother Lady Olenna have welcomed Sansa Stark for lunch. When she was there they urged her to tell about King Joffrey Baratheon and asked her that will he be a good husband to Margaery. Sansa was really afraid to tell them about the reality but influentially she came up with only his cruelty.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Sansa Confession

King Joffrey is checking the fitting of his wedding clothes and he is discussing about his would be bride with her mother Queen Cersei Lannister. Later he asks Margaery to come to his chamber to discuss about his future hunts. He noticed that whenever he asked her questions about her ex-husband, Renly Baratheon, she became very uncomfortable to answer them. She is not even telling her that whether they had a divorce. Margaery only told him that they did not had a divorce but still Renly unlike the company of women sometime. Because she didn’t really wanted to talk about her past, Joffrey turned the topic on his ammunition on which she replied very well and showed a great knowledge about the weapons. So Joffrey tells Margaery that he would love to see her fighting.

When Tyrion Lannister returned to his chamber, he found that Shae was expecting him eagerly. He admonished her about his father’s vow regarding adultery but she is audacious. She reminds him that Lord Baelish is showing his concern in Sansa Stark, to which he reacts as now she is not the queen of Joffrey, she will be craved by many men.

Mance Rayder is not showing any faith in Jon Snow, when they were speaking while walking towards the wall. They were accompanied by Tormund Giantsbane and Ygritte when they suddenly stopped to have a brief conversation with Orell. Orell is a warg who has a vision to see through the eyes of the animals. He wakes up from the state of unconsciousness to advice Mance that he gaped The Fist of the First Men and the consequences of it.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Mance Rayder and Jon Snow

Samwell Tarly falls due to tiredness while walking back to the Wall. He is helped and supported by Edd and Grenn. By seeing this Lord Commander Jeor Mormont strictly urged Rast to take care of him and reach the Wall awake and conscious.

Everyone was walking towards the Wall when suddenly Bran Stark dreams of shooting a three eyed crow but an obstacle is created by a boy explaining that it is impractical, because the crow is none other than Bran. Because of this he suddenly wakes up from his sleep when he saw Bran, Hodor, Osha and Rickon were walking towards the south. Eventually when Hodor and Rickon is elsewhere, Osha felt that someone is following them. So she left to lift the veil. Suddenly Bran is encountered with the boy from his dream, who told him that he is Jojen Reed and he is also a forecaster like him. He is not alone but with his sister Meera. Jojen told him about the same dream he had before and they were trying to find Bran because he might prove beneficial for them in future.

Theon Greyjoy is imprisoned by a group of culprits and was miserly tormenting him for information. Even if he is answering them truly still they are tormenting him. After they went from there, a boy who is directed by Theon’s Sister Yara Greyjoy vow him to help once the soldiers went to sleep.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 episode 2 Theon Imprisioned

Robb Stark King-In-The-North collects two letters, one telling him about his grandfather, Lord Hoster Tully’s death and the other telling about his home, Winterfell turned into ashes by Iron Islanders. Inside which is also mention about Rickon and Bran being missing and are no nowhere to be found in Winterfell. Robb then address to his mother Lady Catelyn with all of these and later they went to Riverrun, her childhood home where she grew, for her father’s funeral. Lord Rickard Karstarck was not happy with the funeral as it disturbed him. At the meantime Catelyn is conversing about her children with Queen Talisa recollecting how she wanted Jon Snow to be dead, the very first moment he was bought in to Winterfell. She felt really bad because she thinks that whatever is happening is because of her.

Thoros of Myr believed that Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie are the ones who escaped Harrenhal when he found him while walking towards north. He assured them that he and his men fight for the Brotherhood without Banners and take them to a place to eat. After finishing the meal, Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie started leaving when one more battalion of Brotherhood soldiers came there with a captive Sandor “The Hound” Clegane who told all the secrets of Arya to Thoros and his men.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie

Brienne oh Tarth still transport Ser Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing in a hope that he will trade for both Arya and Sansa. They are travelling when they found a farmer who threatened them. He told them that it is very harmful to go to Kingsroad. Brienne refused and continued their journey and taking advantage of this Jaime took one of Brianne’s swords but she is cunning she holds the upper hand and fought fiercely. But the fate was against them and after some time they were imprisoned by Locke, a bannerman of Lord Roose Bolton. He was helped by farmer who very easily identified Jaime.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis)- Dark Wings, Dark Words

Sansa Stark and Olenna Tyrell met for the first time. When she is asked about Joffrey Baratheon she felt insecure and uninterested in answering them. Arya Stark entered into the region of Brotherhood without Banners and was unluckily identified by Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. Brienne of Tarth and Ser Jaime Lannister is captured.

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