Blackwater – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9

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Blackwater – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Season 2, Episode 9

 Episode Name: Blackwater

 Air Date: May 27, 2012

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: George R.R. Martin

 Directed By: Neil Marshall

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Review & Plot – Blackwater

With Stannis Baratheon coming in the range almost near the King’s Landing all prepared to capture the thrones, beings the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion on the other hand is prepared with his bold strategic plan which is quite not vary much assumed by Stannis. Varys provides Tyrion Lannister with an underground tunnel network map of the city to help his man lead through it. As per Stannis Baratheon’s plan he would make his initial attack focusing on to devastate Lannister defending fleets placed on the shore ahead to the wall and let his own soldiers to land ashore and reach to the walls and from there to the mud gate. But on the this side at the battlements, it is Joffrey who is quite upset about not letting him get towards Stannis Ship, as Tyrion has his own plan to work up he do not place any of his defensive fleet near the wall, but infact sends just one single ship with the whole stock of wildfire towards the gathered ships of Stannis, which has been leaking the flammable substance as the ship move ahead in the water and Bronn has been given instructions to fire a burning arrow aiming at the leakage as the ship reaches its targeted place, which ultimately results in a huge explosion helping in destroying most of Stannis Baratheon’s Ship, one of them also includes Matthos, Stannis High Captain, Davos Seaworth’s son been getting killed in it.

Blackwater – Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Review Summary

To answer this attack and knowing that they have got another plan of action, Stannis decides to put his soldiers into the rowing boats and get them ashore before any other loss, but then suddenly realizes that with less protection from his own man a lot of people would die and hence Stannis lead himself to make a strong attack upon them, who is the first one who reaches the walls. Sandor Clegane is bought into the action by Tyrion to lead the defense line to make an attack on the other side of the walls, which is quite taken into consideration by Sandor but vary soon he is seen getting devastated by the fire around him, couldn’t keep up to it he breaks down in the middle of this chaos emotionally. Helping him up Lancel Lannister himself gets injured by an arrow been shot in his leg. After losing half of his own people Hound who is helped by Bronn saving his life decides to leave the battle along with his official position in Kingsguard.

At the Red Keep Cersei Lannister has bought the whole court with all the women around her assuring them the safety and protection to Maegor’s Holdfast and keeps Ser IIyn Payne the headsman all the time besides her during this moment the city being under attack, she drinks the Essence of Nightshade heavily, in this notion of things to get even worse if Stannis captures the whole place. As the drink starts to work upon her head she tortures and assaults Sansa Stark alongside visualizing her of things that might take place if they lose the battle. By the time Lancel Lannister approaches Cersei with the news of Stannis has approached the walls of the city, to which without listing to him Cersei demands that Joffrey be bought back to her.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis) – Blackwater

At the walls as Tyrion fights in places with his troops, Joffrey leaves deliberately as Lancel reaches to him and places Ser Mandon Moore and Ser Boros Blount to fight in his position, which fortunately breaks down the morals of the soldiers fighting, Tyrion undertaking the situation and its gravity being loosing up he reunites the soldier n boost them up by providing them the purpose to fight for their land and family, as their King has left the battle ground. Tyrion takes things under his control, bringing a small troop under his command personally move through the underground way, giving a tough fight to the Stannis troop at the Mud gate. Mandon Moore come to be a disloyal man who while fighting charges an attack upon Tyrion himself, once save he try to charge another attack but is killed from behind by Podrick Payne who serves as the squire to Tyrion.

Cersei is assured by Lancel that Joffrey must return to the battle ground or they definitely would be defeated by Stannis, Ignoring his concern completely she move out, takes Tommen Baratheon to the throne Chamber and makes him sit beside her telling him the tale to and thereby comforting him before attempting to poison him as she would not want his little son to be taken into captive.

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 Other side in the other chamber full of other women who are getting pretty scared and frightening as the time passes and so to calm them up Sansa takes the moment into her hand as she starts to sign a hymn among them, Shae on one hand advices Sansa to move out from here to her personal chamber and lock herself as nobody would harm her as she stay in there for time being, to which Sansa is quite assured that , after Stannis takes over the Iron Throne, he is no less safer and trusted man anywhere around here, but then listening t Shae, Sansa moves into her room finding only that Hound is waiting in side and tells her that he could take her to the north where she belongs, the Winterfell. Sansa do not believe him for what so reason he provides, he later promises that he really will bring her no harm and protect her till the end.

As most of the people struggle at the battle ground and Tyrion after the attack who is a bit unconscious, the battle seems more of into Stannis Baratheon’s hand, but not for long as Tywin Lannister arrives the battle ground with his cavalry force also with the latest allies of House Tyrell and force an attack on Stannis’s soldiers making the rest of them return to their ship and get back as soon as possible, Stannis unable to handle the attack is screaming towards the man to not run and fight is been pulled back by his guards and ultimately with Tywin joining the battle, the Lannister takes a victory or the battle.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Review & Plot – Blackwater

Tywin run towards the throne chamber letting everybody known of their victory and saves Cersei from letting Tommen have the poison killing him, but is stopped by Tywin.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis) – Blackwater

The battle over the capture of the Iron Throne begins as Stannis finally reaches King’s Landing; Stricken by the bold and exploding attack by the defenders, Stannis decides to move small but in a quantity. Joffrey leaving the battle ground make the winning more difficult for Tyrion, resisting and boosting up the soldier Tyrion leads his own man to make attack ferociously. Almost lost battle is taken into control as Tywin returns with his new allies, House Tyrell and ultimately took the victory by forcing Stannis and his man back off.

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