Baelor – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9

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Baelor – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Review Summery Season 1, Episode 9

 Episode Name: Baelor

 Air Date: June 12, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

 Directed By: Alan Taylor

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Review & Plot – Baelor

In the King’s Landing, Lord Eddard stark is kept as a traitor in the black cells of the Red Keep. When Lord Varys visits him, he tells him about Sansa’s confession of, he bowing down to the King in acceptance. He also tells him about his son’s protest & call for a war with the Lannisters. Varys though not welcoming the fact that there is going to a war & this would cause a great impact on the unwilling, innocent lives. But, the Lord refuses to bend his knees as his pride & honour is of much importance than the life of the King. But Varys also warns him about the later consequences, which Sansa will have to face, leaving him puzzled with his decisions.

On the other hand, Robb with his fellowmen & mother reaches the Twin on the river Trident. Walder Frey, being an ancient & foxy patriarch who is responsible for the bridge fortress over the river, named Twins, was to be first convinced to cross over. But it was a risk to send Robb himself to talk to the man in his house, so Catelyn decides to make a move while the rest wait. When Catelyn calls out for Walder, he knew about the Riverrun captured by the Lannisters, hence asked why he should be supporting the Starks. But Catelyn convinced him by negotiating her son & daughter Arya’s hand in marriage with Walder’s own siblings, a Frey.

Baelor – Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9

Meanwhile, Jon Snow, who saved the life of their Commander, is rewarded with a sword from the Lord Commander Jeor Mormont himself. He tells him that the sword belongs to his family, but his son being in exile, Jon is the true worthy of it. He also informs him that he has sent Ser Alliser throne to king’s Landing with the arm of the Wight on King’s feet, so to ask for help. Later a while when Jon reaches the dining, everyone surrounds him & the room is filled with awe-struck gasps. But to his excitement, Samwell Tarly shares the news of Robb setting out for a war with the Lannisters, in grief. He informs him that the news is received by Maester Aemon & he should leave for his contribution. Thus Jon reaches Maester’s chambers and asks him about what his step should be, he reveals his identity of being a Targaryen. He tells Jon that he must follow his instinct, as when he had a similar emergency, he choose not to leave as it is the duty of the Night’s Watch squad to desire for their duty than their love for family. He tells him to make a decision & then hold it to the rest of his life, like he did.

In the travel through Essos, Khal Drogo who leads the Khalasar, accidently fell off his horse. Daenerys already afraid of he being ill because of his wound, bolts off her horse & rushes to help him. As Qotho reaches to see the two & comments on him no more being a Khal as he is unable to ride. Daenerys requests Qotho to find Mirri Maz Dur, so that she could save Drogo. Qotho, though not satisfied by Drogo being treated by a woman whom he calls a Maegi, calls upon her.

In the feast, with his father & fellowmen, Tyrion Lannister gets to know from Tywin that he has to lead the vanguard army consisting of the hill tribes. Tyrion gets angry & stabs back at his father, exclaiming that it would be the best way to get rid of his son. Tywin still being firm about his decisions made Tyrion angry. He, pushing away leaves the table & reaches his tent where Bronn was waiting for him with a foreign whore he desired for named Shea. A Bronn was about to leave, Tyrion informs him about the vanguard tomorrow, making him stressed thus wandering to find one for him.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Baelor Official Trailer

Daenerys, worried for her husband calls out to Mirri Maz Dur to save him, even after declared that he would die. Mirri Maz Dur when reaches the tent, she declares the same. Ser Jorah Mormont gets himself dressed with armour as asked by Daenerys as after Drogo, all his fellowmen will battle them to be the next king & will kill her son in the want of the lead. He therefore asks her to flee. But she disagrees & begged Mirri & asks her to perform some magic, she agrees to save him but in return they will have to sacrifice another life, Drogo’s horse. She then carries the horse to the tent & the ceremony began. Watching the scene, one of the Dothraki, Qotho, attacked Daenerys, taking her actions unwilling to the nature. But Ser Jorah managed to save her by killing him after some struggle. Strange noises started to rise from the tent as the throat of the horse was being cut on Drogo’s body & at the same time Daenerys goes in to labour, screaming & curling down on the ground in pain. None of the Dothraki women came to help her, thinking of it as a curse, so Ser Jorah holds her & take her into the tent.

While in the tent, Tyrion, Bronn & Shea played a drinking game. In the game, one has to guess someone’s past life’s incident & if it’s true, he has to drink. Tyrion made his guess on Bronn saying he killed someone before he was even twelve, which proved to be correct while when he guessed for Shea, that she was a daughter of a whore abandoned by her father & was a minor, which wasn’t true as she disagreed. Likewise many a times, Tyrion’s guesses proved right with Bronn but failed when towards Shea, but that caused her to get interested in him. Later, when asked about him being married, Tyrion clarified that he was married for a while, but it was a trap by his brother Jamie. He told them that ‘once while they rode in the forest, Tyrion & Jamie found a girl running away from a group of bandits. The two rescued her by Jamie scaring off the bandits & sat in a nearby inn, Tyrion comforting her. She, Tysha was so flattered by Tyrion, which made him feel that he wasn’t so ugly. That night the two stayed in the inn & they had sex. That was the first time for Tyrion & he immediately fell in love with her. He later paid a septon & asked him to marry them secretly. But a few weeks later, Tywin, his father, came to know about his son is married to a commoner & got really angry. Jamie in the matter to explain, opened up about his trick to make Tyrion feel better about himself & hearing this Tywin ordered the whore to be raped by all his men in front of Tyrion, each paying her a silver coin.’ To comfort him, Shea, in a flattery way told him that no women would have sex just after being scared by thought of being raped by a gang of men. Bronn decided to leave as the two lost into each other.

The very next morning, as Tyrion’s eye flung open, he ran out of his tent & to add on to his fear, he was already late for the day’s drama, as the Stark’s men has approached without any knowledge to their surprise. Tyrion somehow managed to dress up & after giving an encouraging speech to the tribal’s headed the war ground. But to his disgrace, Tyrion was hit on the forehead by a soldier’s hammer & thus became unconscious throughout. As he came back to his form, he realised the battle was over & he was lying on a buggy. On their way, Bronn told him, that though they won this scene of the war but, Robb had already sent his army towards Jamie & to distract them from the attack, he sent a small amount of his men, campsite, astonishing Tyrion.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Review & Plot – Baelor

In the forest, Lady Catelyn along with Ser Rodrik Cassel, eagerly waiting for the battle on the Riverrun to get over. Far from the mist, she observes Robb along with a prisoner, Jamie himself, & his army walking back from the victory. Though suggest by one of the Kingsguard to have a one man combat with Jamie instead of a war, he was no fool to accept. So he decides to battle & rule & arrested Jamie as his prisoner. He, after returning back, declared to the army that this was just a start & this cannot decide their conquer, so they have to be firm & dedicated for the future run. The end is no near.

Arya, the youngest of Eddard’s children, catches a pigeon & tries to trade it for a piece of bread & living in misery as no one pays attention. The crowd suddenly starts moving towards the Baelor’s Sept, which is the central place of worship for the city. It is declared that Eddard is being brought to the Sept for a decision to be made. In order to see her father, Arya rushes to the Sept but failing to look she climbs up the Baelor statue. Her father when pushed across the crowd sees her & also Yoren, one of the Night Watch’s members, who knew Arya. Eddard then looked at the statue & murmured Baelor, confusing the crowd. But, Yoren understood & stood besides Arya for her safety. As Eddard reached the place where the king stood, he, for the safety of his daughters, agreed to the King & bent down to him. Joffrey, pleased though agrees by the words his mother thinks are appropriate & Sansa has begged for, to show mercy, looking at Grand Maester Pycelle. But without further delay, he orders Ser Ilyn Payne to slaughter his head as hearts of men like him are soft as a woman’s & a traitor cannot move away unpunished.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis) - Baelor

An uproar raise in the crowd watching the scene & Sansa & even the Queen was shocked by the statement made. The Queen tried to interrupt, but failed. Arya, trying to catch hold of the situation runs towards her father with her sword high, but is caught by Yoren & hides her from seeing her father. Eddard, seeing Arya safe, relieves himself & bends his head down. Sansa screams her heart out but is taken aback by the guards. Ser Ilyn dressed as an executioner makes a move, takes out the Lord’s sword itself, Ice & beheads the Lord.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Summary (Synopsis) – Baelor

The game has just begun & the blood is still red! Strategies, sacrifices, hardships & victories now will seem none less than the act of breathing. The Lannisters trying their way to somehow win this expected act from the Starks but their first step was like stepping on the poisonous snake, which definitely killed the snake but the snake bit just before. On the other hand, the strong Dothraki seems to be moved a little because of the nearing death of the King. Some tough decisions have to be made, to be on the border or for the family, for Jon Snow.

The Throne has his own ego & it runs in the blood of who sits on it & so happened to the new King Joffrey. Making a haste decision, can waste him all up. Killing Lord Eddard, a brave move, isn’t it?

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