A Man Without Honor– Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7

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A Man Without Honor– Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Review Summary Season 2, Episode 7

 Episode Name: A Man Without Honor

 Air Date: May 13, 2012

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice & Fire”

 Written By: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

 Directed By: David Nutter

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Review & Plot – A Man Without Honor

Theon wakes up realizing that Osha has left the castle and has escaped with his so called prisoners Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, their direwolves and Hodor and for this he blames Lorren of letting them get away as he got distracted somewhere else. To this Lorren speak up against him saying that the reason for them fleeing off has also to do with his carelessness as he shouldn’t have had slept with Osha, feeling insulted Theon brutally beats him up and orders the Ironborn to track and hunt them up by the help of Hounds. Well the Hounds searching for them direct to place and bring them to a shepherd’s farm. Enquiring and looking for the boys and ultimately not able to find them, they return to Theon and to this he decides that they should be moving back to Maester Luwin in the Winterfell.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis) – A Man Without Honor

Theon along with his men reaches to Winterfell but with two fully burned bodies of children and hangs them on the two sides of the main entrance gate and so to make Maester Luwin believe that these are the bodies of not someone else but two of the Stark kids.

The Death of Amory Lorch has made Tywin Lannister a bit furious and finds a need to discuss about it as, according to him this ain’t a death by chance but an planned assassination that goes against him too and hence discussing this with Gregor Clegane, he emphasis over the act could be executed by non but Brotherhood Without Banners who have been against the Lannister from a while. This particular speculation bring the rage out of Tywin and in that particular emotion he orders Gregor to bring their whole local farms lands their village to be burnt down for this unworthy attempt of killing one of his important man. Tywin who has been very much curious about knowing his new cupbearers “Arya” origin, come across a moment where her pronunciation of the word “M’Lord”, as been spoken by the commoners, is been pronounced by here properly as “My Lord”, which make Tywin a bit suspicious of her being talking like a Highborn, to which Arya clears up that she has been thought to use the word in their appropriate pronunciation by her mother.

In the King’s landing, Sansa wakes up due to a nightmare in her bed, later finding out that she has had her very first menstruation and the blood has been spilled out on the bed sheet, which reminds her the words of Joffrey, in a provocation manner said that the day she would have her blood out of her, “Put a son in you”, reminding of that she starts to take off the evidence of the blood being spilled on the sheet before Joffrey could even see it, knowing about this Shae help her out in getting rid of that sheet but Sandor has a glimpse of it, realizing this Sansa gets a conscious.

A Man Without Honor Official Video

Cersei Lannister who now finds a need to confront Sansa with some oddly awkward talks, explaining her that Joffrey is not very gentle in relating with her and that she do not even expect both of them to fall in love or share any of such exchange of emotions, and advices her that the more you are a bit detached with people is good by coming up with words saying, “the more people you love, the weaker you are”, and later this part of her conversation kind of distress her and that she take a moment to talk to her brother Tyrion Lannister, about Joffrey being the result of her and his own brother Jaime Lannister’s relationship is what may have resulted him the kind of persona Joffrey posses. To this Tyrion bring Tommen Baratheon and Myrcella Baratheon in to the conversation that, even these two children are the result of her cynical relationship with her brother but they haven’t got such monster in them like Joffrey posses and it is not her fault.

Alton Lannister arrives at the Westerlands in the Army camp of King Robb Stark’s with the response over the peace proposal sent by Robb to Cersei, which ultimately as Robb knew she didn’t consider it and rejected and as for the result Alton is also taken into capture, put into the prison cell alongside Jaime Lannister. On the other side as Robb has been to the Crag for to avail Talisa Maegyr the medical supplies that she has asked for, Jaime in the cell comes up with a plan to bring Torrhen Karstark who has been guarding over the prison into attention and Jaime finds that opportunity when he is bought together with Alton, so he kills him first which ultimately brings Torrhen into the cell and that give him a chance to escape as he Jaime kills him, but is again taken into confinement.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Review & Plot – A Man Without Honor

This causes another problem as Torrhen Karstark who belong to a notable Noble House from the north, the son of non other but Lord Rickard Karstark, who for killing his son is looking for to kill Jaime who in actual is the hostage and a prisoner of war belonging to another Noble house Lannister who hold Starks daughter Sansa Stark and killing him off would bring great threat Robb Stark’s sister and so Catelyn Stark confronts Jaime Lannister inside prison of being such an stupid man, acting insanely but to this Jaime elaborate in saying that he being the knight it’s his duty to defend and serve the best he can to his king and later speak about Catelyn’s dead husband Eddard Stark of bringing shame for being father to a Bastard. Furious about the point Jaime makes, Catelyn looks forwards to get Brienne’s sword to kill him off herself.

 Jon Snow with his prisoner the wilding Ygritte are still all lost and detached with his other group mates been led by Qhorin Halfhand, during which Ygritte talk about her being no different than his man or him as there is no such strong friendliness of the people from south of the wall to the wilding, which is just based on some personal notion and that it differentiate them by you people living on the other side of the wall the time when it came to be built. Later as they lead a different course all alone and comfort gets in between both and as a result of that Ygritte starts teasing Jon for his sexual activeness and doubts that he is still a virgin may be and also offers him in a very funny manner of giving up lessons upon having sex and that way she try to make him uncomfortable and finding a chance, she try to escape but again is caught by him.

Daenerys Targaryen on the other side who has lost her dragon orders Jorah Mormont to find them up anyhow, talking about this to Quaithe of Asshai, Jorah be told that the person who has stolen the dragon is one of her own and that she doubts upon Jorah himself. On the other hand Daenerys is asking to find her dragon from the council of the Thirteen that in Kovarro’s company.

A Man Without Honor– Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7

Later Pyat Pree is shown admit to the council that it is him who has stolen the dragon and mean while appears behind the each council man magically he cuts out their throat which brings only him and Xaro in the council, who has already been declared as the King and now for the part of the dragons, Pyat Pree he informs her that to attain her dragons she would have to look for them in the House of the Undying.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Summary (Synopsis) – A Man Without Honor

Theon brings an awkward and unbarable scenario to experience to Maester Luwin in the Winterfell as he loses the prisoners of his own, Tywin Lannister gets a bit suspicious over Arya’s background, Jaime kills off his own relative to attain freedom but that leads to another death, tying another note of rage and revenge. Cersei realizes of her own sins that she did alongside her own brother, Jon Snow still separated from his own group gets onto different and multiple tracks with Ygritte. Daenerys under the tense situation of her dragons been stolen is tempted to go to the place she refused earlier.

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