A Golden Crown-Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6

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A Golden Crown 

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Review & Plot Season 1, Episode 6

 Episode Name: A Golden Crown

 Air Date: May 22, 2011

 Based On: George R. R. Martin’s, “A Song of Ice and Fire”

 Written By: Jane Espenson, David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

 Directed By: Daniel Minahan


Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Review & Plot- A Golden Crown

After the fierce battle between the two, Lord Eddard Stark, resuscitating from his drugged state, gazed upon King Robert & Queen Cersei, waiting for him. Cersei quite enraged about the fact that her brother Tyrion was imprisoned & Lord Lannister being attacked by Eddard, demands Robert to punish him. Whilst Robert was expecting a reason, declines. Sulky Cersei addressed him as a woman & in return receives a bitter slap. In spite, showing off her pride, she stormed away. Later, while pouring a glass of wine for him, Robert gave back the position of King’s Hand to Eddard. He warns him about growing enmity between the houses, leading to warpaths and that he expects peace after his return from the hunt.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Rober and Eddard

Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Bran Stark dreams again about the three-eyed raven flying to the castle while him searching for it & wakes up with a sudden fright. But to his amaze, he finds Hodor holding a saddle for him to ride, made by Tyrion. He rides out to take the feel in the forest accompanied by Robb Stark & Theon Greyjoy. Caught in the act, discussing about Eddard’s capture, Theon asks Robb to be prepared for the upcoming battle with the house of Lannisters, but Robb speaks firm about following his parent’s orders.

Bran, feeling the ride, gets caught by some wilding in the north forest, intended to rob him. When Robb & Theon reach at the place, Robb somehow manages to save the situation my dispatching two of them and capturing one of them. In the meanwhile, the third wilding holds a knife on Bran’s neck trying to threaten him. But Theon manages to shoot him with his arrow, freeing Bran. Robb gets a bit angry by the thought that he would have missed the wilding and hurt Bran.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Theon Greyjoy

In King’s Landing, Arya Stark meets Syrio Forel for her ‘dance lessons’, though very upset. She requests him not to continue today but he manages to convince her by playing a few attacks at her and telling her that Death is the only God & no one can hide from it.

Being alone in her tent, Daenerys Targaryen takes one of the dragon eggs gifted to her by Magister Illyrio Mopattis as a wedding gift and places it in the brazier with the coals though told that they are mere stones, just to check upon if they could hatch by heat. As she watches them heating up, mesmerized she tries to reach out for it in the fire. But Irri reaches the room at the very moment trying to snatch the heated egg but ends up burning her own palm. But the skin on Deanery’s palm is still flawless.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis) A Golden Crown

After a time, Daenerys was called upon & has to complete the ritual of eating a stallion’s heart for Dosh Khaleen, the ageing widows. But to the astonishment of the crowd, she manages to eat the disgusting meal, without a sigh of hesitation as it would have been a bad omen for the child. Everyone began to chant at she finished it up & the Dosh Khaleen then made a prophecy of her delivering a son, who would be the leader. Daenerys names him Rhaego. Visreys, neither impressed nor disgusted standing with Ser Jorah learns about the further ritual while Drogo lifts Daenerys up and carry’s her to her tent. Later, Viserys try to steal Deanery’s eggs but is caught by Ser Jorah Mormont. He explains himself as he is not loved or hated by anyone for gaining the respect to rule, he just wanted the eggs to create an army, but he leaves as he couldn’t cross Jorah.

In the Eyrie, Tyrion wakes up at the edge of the sky cells where he was imprisoned. He tries to bribe his gaoler, Mord, but failed. After several attempts he convinced Mord to send a letter to Lady Lysa Arryn and in return he would payback by offering all the gold he got to the jail. Tyrion in the letter confesses all his mistakes of being a liar, a player. Once he got a chance to be in Lysa’s court & all he did was demanding a right to justice to the public and making jokes about it. But this time he demands a combat. As per the decision the combat was conducted but the rival being not present at the moment Tyrion asked for the sellsword Bronn volunteers to fight against Lord Vardis, for his freedom & some gold.

The battle began and the armed knight managed to blow his sword against the opponent. The unarmed volunteer trying to protect him from the blows was slowly getting tired n slowing down. As the opponent starts to slow down, Bronn puts his sword into the gap in Vardis’ armour & as he fell on his knees, Bronn flung his sword & a blow over his shoulders. He dragged the body out of the ‘Moon Door’. Tyrion was set free and moves out by handling the bag of gold he promised Mord.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Tyrion Set Free

Lord Robert on his hunting trip with brother Renly, Ser Barristan Selmy & Lancel Lannister, brags about his days of bravery, animosity & also about ‘Making the Eight’, by sleeping with eight different women, from seven kingdoms & one from the Riverlands. Renly getting irritated, storms away while Lancel continues to dose Robert off with wine.

In the meanwhile, Eddard in the council comes across a group of villagers from the Riverland and address them with the destruction of their villages by a huge man. Eddard realizes that the man could be the one known as ‘The Mountain’, Ser Gregor Clegane, who is under the House of Lannister. Lord Robert with much concern sends up Lord Beric Dondarrion with an army to find & arrest him. He also demands to see Tywin Lannister in his court. Maester Pycelle suggests to wait for Robert before his commands execution but Eddard was too concerned about justice.

Sansa, really upset about the incident on Kingsroad is in her chambers while Prince Joffrey enters with a gift for her, apologizing for his behaviour. He promises her to never be cruel to her again by helping her to wear the lovely gift to wear around her neck.

Eddard, acknowledging the consequences decides to send his daughters back to Winterfell but they refuse. Arya because of Syrio, while Sansa because of Joffrey. She tells her father that she wants to marry him and have beautiful blonde kids. Something strikes Eddard and he turns to the book he borrowed from Maester Pycelle. He finds that every Baratheon has had a black haired offspring.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Eddard Stark

In the forest, Res, the prostitute Theon was in love with was leaving in her cart. He tries to stop her on the way, but she explains that the battle is definite & that he work cant progress in such a situation. He agrees & asks for a favour to raise her skirt as she leaves by flinging a coin at her, telling he’ll miss her. She accepts giggling.

While Khal Drogo & Daenerys sit with the people enjoying, Visreys, a bit too drunk appears in front of them, shouting & demanding for the crown he is been promised off by raising his sword towards him .Drogo, angry for the law broken, orders him to sit in the back of the room as he grants him his wish. Drogo tells Daenerys, that her brother can have the baby if he wishes to but not her. She translates the Dothraki to her brother that he will get a crown of gold that men will tremble to behold. Hearing this Visreys calms down with a thought that he is going to get what he wanted. Drogo’s man breaks his arm with the sword & kicks him, making him kneels down. Drogo then melts down his medallion & pour it out over him, though he begging him for his life. Being killed by fire, Daenerys states him being no Dragon.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Viserys Targaryen Death

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis)- A Golden Crown

It seems a war is about to start between the House of Stark & the House of Lannister, in spite of the King’s order to maintain peace. Meanwhile Lord Eddard finds out about the history of Baratheon. On the other hand, the Dothraki king is celebrating for the one to be born expecting a leader while Visreys loses his life by his greed of getting the throne. It has been a big turn to one & for all.

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